Bob’s Burgers Season 12: Everything We Know

Created by Loren Bouchard, ‘Bob’s Burgers’ is an animated sitcom that centers around the Belcher family (parents Bob and Linda and their children, Tina, Gene, and Louise) who runs a burger restaurant on Ocean Avenue in an unnamed seaside community. The kids are lucky to have Bob and Linda, who passionately keep the restaurant afloat with good food that impresses everyone.

But life has the knack to present itself in undesirable ways as nearby pizzeria owner Jimmy Pesto insists they are his enemies. Meanwhile, other customers complain about a crematorium in the vicinity. Their extended family also initiates unresolvable drama, and the kids always find new ways to cause mischief. After following the show over its 11-season run, fans must be waiting for its return. Well, here is what we can expect from a potential ‘Bob’s Burgers’ season 12!

Bob’s Burgers Season 12 Release Date

‘Bob’s Burgers’ season 11 premiered on September 27, 2020, on Fox and aired its last episode on May 23, 2021. The season has 22 episodes, and each one has a runtime of approximately 21 minutes. Critics have observed its gradual but likable transformation from an adult comedy to an impactful show that caters to children as well. Despite frequent fluctuations in its content delivery, fans still love the show.

As we await another edition of drama and laughs, we’d like to take you through the details for the upcoming season, if there will be one. The good news is that the series has been officially renewed for two more seasons on Fox. A Twitter post dated September 24, 2020, positively confirms its renewal for seasons 12 and 13. This feels nothing less than a celebration as the end of season 11 marks its tenth year of being on-air. Fans can now look forward to more adventures and mishaps that characterize the Belcher family, all of which weaves into fantastic storytelling.

With regards to the time of its release, the network has not shared any updates so far. However, it should be noted that seven of its previous seasons dropped in September, extending till May next year. This also means that the production does not take more than a year to release a new season. Considering that, we can expect ‘Bob’s Burgers’ season 12 to release sometime in September 2021.

Bob’s Burgers Season 12 Cast: Who can be in it?

The primary voice cast of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ is led by six actors/ comedians. H. Jon Benjamin lends his voice to the character of Bob Belcher, the protagonist of the show and owner of Bob’s Burgers. John Roberts gives his voice to Linda Belcher, Bob’s fun-loving and happy-go-lucky wife. Dan Mintz breathes life into Tina Belcher, the eldest of the three Belcher siblings.

Eugene Mirman plays Gene Belcher, the middle child who bears a striking resemblance to Bob. Finally, Kristen Schaal gives her voice to the mysterious and cynical third sibling, Louis Belcher. These actors are the pillar of the show, which is why their return is highly anticipated. Apart from the central voiceover cast, recurring members like Larry Murphy (Teddy) and Andy Kindler (Mort) are also expected to make a comeback.

Bob’s Burgers Season 12 Plot: What can it be About?

The plot of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ is ever-evolving, and there is no set pattern that it essentially follows. Some remarkable moments in season 11 include Bob’s misplaced lockbox key adventure, the mysterious hotel at the end of Ocean Avenue Street, as well as the kids convincing their parents to get them a pet. Besides, the events in the show usually run parallel to current events dominating the real world, be it festivals like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. So it is difficult to ascertain the exact mood of the upcoming season or what it might exactly be about. Needless to say, we can still expect the show to retain its element of surprise and fun!

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