Review: Bojack Horseman S06 E14

‘Bojack Horseman’ has opened the floodgates of uncertainty and lack of self-control yet again towards the end of the series. The second part of the final season of the show began by teasing a possible journey of self-improvement for its titular protagonist. However, that rug was quickly pulled as the show returned to its characteristic melancholy and gloom. That was as disappointing for the viewers as it was for the characters as Bojack’s retrogression started to feel frustrating.

Viewers also tend to forget that is what has worked for ‘Bojack Horseman’ in the past. With the fourteenth episode, the series seems to find its feet again as it has settled into imminent despair once again. The chances of a happy ending now seem more distant. There is still some hope lingering somewhere though…

Bojack Season 6 Episode 14 Recap:

The fourteenth episode of the sixth season of ‘Bojack Horseman’ is titled ‘Angela.’ Right at the beginning of the episode, viewers are introduced to the episode’s titular character: a single lady heading the ABC network. The episode starts in the ’90s with Angela facing casual sexism at the workplace.

The network is considering selling itself to Disney. Bojack’s show ‘Horsin’ Around’ is the premiere production of the network. Angela fires the show’s writer and Bojack’s best friend. The episode teases to be set in the ’90s. However, after the opening credits, the episode returns to the present day with Bojack getting ready for a shot of ‘The Horny Unicorn.’ Angela invites Bojack to her house.

Lenny offers Princess Carolyn a chance to pitch a female-centric production studio which has been her entrepreneurial ambition. Guy tells Diane that his ex-wife is moving to Houston with his son and he doesn’t know what to do. Reluctantly, Diane agrees to move to Houston with him. Diane finds out that Mr. Peanutbutter has written a memoir and finds out that he did not face any difficulty in writing it.

Todd’s mother refuses to meet him at dinner since his life is going perfectly and she has nothing to nag him about. To get her attention, he pretends to be kidnapped and gives her a ransom call. Angela tells Bojack that the network wants to re-release ‘Horsin’ Around’ in a shorter format with eight-minute long episodes. They would edit out scenes involving Bojack. Angela wants to buy Bojack out with a one-time payment. Bojack signs the contract. Angela offers Bojack a drink and he agrees.

Angela tells a drunk Bojack that she convinced him to fire Herb, his show’s writer. Bojack blames Angela for all the mistakes he made. He threatens to burn the contract he just signed but does not do that. He leaves in Angela’s car, intoxicated. Todd meets his mother, pretending to be held at knife-point by Margo Martindale who is posing as his kidnapper. However, his mother gets a heart attack. It turns out she had an anxiety attack and not a cardiac arrest.

Princess Carolyn requests Judah to play a song for her and he expresses his love for her in the song. Drunk, Bojack breaks into “his” house, not realizing that it belongs to somebody else now. He starts watching clips from ‘Horsin’ Around’ and recollects his memories about working with Herb.

Bojack Horseman Season 6 Episode 14 Review:

The fourteenth episode of the sixth season of ‘Bojack Horseman’ seems to belong to one of its previous seasons. It was a display of what the animated series was so good at doing: churning riveting tales with the theme of sorrow.

This was certainly an eventful episode and had its moments of warmth too. For instance, Diane has a long conversation with Mr. Peanutbutter where the two of them acknowledge their personal growth. Moreover, Todd reconnecting with his mother and Judah’s expression of love for Princess Carolyn was heartwarming too.

While Bojack might have slipped further away from happiness, the episode overall did not have a despondent mood. The pacing of the plot and writing was tight enough to ensure that the story was not dull. Viewers (including me) might dislike the threat of an unhappy ending, but one can also point out that is what adds to the suspense.

Could these be the last few conflicts before the glorious victory? Or will the show, like so many stories, see the protagonist staying down due to his flaws, despite a courageous final battle?

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