Preview: Boku no Hero Academia S04 E16

‘Boku no Hero Academia’ is by far one of the most popular shounen anime shows of our time and with each of its seasons, Studio Bones somehow manages to set its bar higher. With 15 episodes down, the fourth season has given us some unforgettable action scenes, intimidating villains and most of all, some serious character development. Ten more episodes and this season will be done, but we’re pretty sure that the anime still has a long way to go. So further down in this article, we’ll be discussing all the different ways in which the storyline of this season can head into new directions. But before that, let us walk you through the release date and streaming availability of its 16th episode.

When is My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 16 Release Date?

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 4 Episode 16, titled “Win Those Kids’ Hearts”, will release on February 1, 2020. You can stream the English dubbed version of the anime on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 16 Spoilers: What to Expect?

In the 15th episode of ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 4, Shigaraki and his men attack the ambulance which carries Overhaul. Shigaraki then walks up to Overhaul and tells him that his time is up and it’s his time to shine. He cuts his arms off and disables him from using his quirk. Overhaul just helplessly lays there and screams in pain. Just like every other badass villain, Shigaraki then walks out of there in slow motion with his band of villains. Meanwhile, at the hospital, every other hero seems to have recovered. After recovering completely, even Deku makes his way out of there. He wishes he could stay there a bit longer to look out for Eri, but Eraserhead suggests that he should leave.

Deku says his goodbye to Togata, who is still quirkless and recovering, and then makes his way back to the academy along with the other heroes. All of them get a very warm welcome at the Academy and everyone starts questioning about their showdown with the villains. One of their professors budges in and asks everyone to let them relax. In the meantime, Kacchan and Todoroki are sent to an institution where they are expected to take lessons for acquiring the provisional hero license. For obvious reasons, they don’t gel too well with one another but in the events that will follow, they’ll have far bigger problems to deal with.

As the preview of the next episode suggests, the two boys will have to go through an outrageous trial organized by their instructor, Gang Orca. Instead of making them go through any standard procedures where their strengths and quirks are tested, they are asked to look after kids. So the next episode will completely revolve around Kacchan and Todoroki’s adventures at their new intuition. They will eventually be able to get their hero license, but Gang Orca will make sure that it does not come to them so easily. This part of the next will involve some action scenes, but for the most part, it’ll just serve as some comic relief after the tragic death of Nighteye.

Moreover, episode 15 also foreshadows the involvement of another new villain. While Shigaraki is obviously still the overarching antagonist of the series, a giant creature named Gigantomachia is also a new threat to the world of heroes and he also happens to be one of All For One’s faithful servants. Gigantomachia earlier proved that he’s much stronger than he is expected to be and no hero can battle him alone. So it is a possibility that all the heroes, who have now recovered from their injuries, will join forces again and face him. Or, now that Deku is one of the strongest heroes out there and still has to prove that he’s a worthy heir of One For All, he’ll be facing the giant beast all by himself to assure everyone that he has what it takes to be a true hero.

Furthermore, Shigaraki has now acquired the quirk destroying bullets and from what we know, Overhaul is completely out of the way. So Shigaraki will now use this newly acquired “power” to plot something much bigger against the heroes and that’s probably where Eri will have a key role to play.