Boku no Hero Academia S04 E22: What to Expect?

As a non-manga reader, it’s hard to tell if the current arc of ‘My Hero Academia’ is simply a filler or it holds more significance in the overarching plot. Regardless of what it is, it is quite entertaining and seems to be bringing a pretty satisfying end to this season. To make sure that you find out who Gentle Criminal is and what he intends to do to UA, make sure you watch the next episode on time and to do that, read on further to know all the details about it.

When is My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 22 Release Date?

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 4 Episode 22, titled “School Festival Start!!”, will release on March 14, 2020. You can stream the English dubbed version of the anime on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 22 Spoilers: What to Expect?

In the 21st episode of ‘My Hero Academia’, the students of UA work really hard to prepare for their final performances and when they look back, they realize that they’ve come a long way from where they used to be. With only a few more hours to go for the festival, all of them practice for the last time and brush up their dance moves. That’s when Deku is asked to visit a nearby hardware store to get some equipment necessary for their performance. Meanwhile, Gentle Criminal and La Brava head out to pull off their final plan and make their way to UA.

Coincidentally, on his way to UA, Gentle runs into Deku and in the heat of the moment ends up revealing who he is. Deku is able to recognize him from his voice and he asks him to stop. He is also able to guess that Gentle now plans to do something to his school. With this, Deku does not even think twice and attacks him. This is when Gentle’s quirk is finally revealed. Turns out that he possesses the ability to manipulate the molecules of any substance in such a way that it turns into elastic. As soon as Deku flies towards him, he gets trapped in a thin sheet of elastic air. He then bounces back with the elastic and falls to the ground.

But being the hero that he is, Deku does not hold himself back and attacks him again. Instead of harming Deku, Gentle Criminal uses his cool mind to his own advantage and somehow manages to get past Midoriya. In the end, he traps him under a heavy beam using his elasticity ability and makes his way to UA with La Brava.

Stuck under the beam, Deku gets flashes of the past where Eri confided in him and was hoping to have fun at the festival. In the next episode, Midoriya will first find a way to get the heavy beam off his back. He’ll then make his way to the school to somehow stop Gentle Criminal from doing whatever he intends. Speaking of which, Gentle Criminal’s intentions still seem to be a mystery but we’ll probably find out more on that in the next few episodes.