Bombay Begums Season 2: Everything We Know

‘Bombay Begums’ is an Indian drama series created by Alankrita Shrivastava. The series explores the dreams of five women coming from different class hierarchies. It is dedicated to a women-centric narrative that navigates across the ruthless world of finance – a realm supposedly ruled by men. The lead characters try to ground themselves in the sexist society by pushing forward through their desires. Vulnerabilities aside, the characters position themselves in the cutthroat world of Mumbai, the financial capital of India.

An engaging series, ‘Bombay Begums,’ is a poignant chronicle of five women trying to integrate themselves in a patriarchal society by traversing across social obstacles. The first season keeps us hooked, and we were intrigued by the possibility of the show’s second season. If you are on the same page with us, we have got your back! Here’s everything we know about the second season of ‘Bombay Begums.’

Bombay Begums Season 2 Release Date

‘Bombay Begums’ season 1 released on March 8, 2021, on Netflix. The season consists of six episodes with an average runtime of 45 minutes. All of the episodes dropped on the same day. With regards to the second season, there hasn’t been any official announcement from Netflix yet. The makers of the show have also not stated if the series has been renewed or canceled for the next season. However, upon its release, the show was praised for its story and the effective performances by the lead actors. The release of season 1 coincided with Women’s day – a production plan that furthers its cause for a female-centric show.

Moreover, the episodes of the show have been named after literary works by famous women authors. While the renewal of a second season is yet to materialize, Shrivastava expressed her desire to create stories about women and the complexities of their lives. She said in an interview with The Hindu, “ I think I’m interested in people who don’t have it all. Somehow, I have nothing to say or examine about an upper-caste, cis-gender man. Right now I’m very happy to work on more stories about women, their thoughts, their lives, and their complexities.”

Given the positive response and Netflix’s increasing attention towards content with strong female characters, there is a chance that ‘Bombay Begums’ might be renewed for a second season. Having said that, we can assume that the production and development process will take considerable time, given the ongoing pandemic situation. Accordingly, we can expect ‘Bombay Begums’ season 2, should it be renewed this year, to release sometime in late 2022.

Bombay Begums Season 2 Cast: Who can be in It?

In the case of a second season, we can expect all the lead actors to reprise their respective roles. The lead cast includes Pooja Bhatt (Rani), Shahana Goswami (Fatima), Amruta Subhash (Lily), Plabita Borthakur (Ayesha), and Aadhya Anand (Shai). Apart from the aforementioned actors, we can expect Rahul Bose to essay the role of Mahesh and Manish Chaudhary to portray Deepak’s role. Other actors who will probably reprise their role are Neel Raj Dewan (Zuravar), Vivek Gomber (Arijay), and Imaad Shah (Ron Fernandes).

Bombay Begums Season 2 Plot: What can It be About?

Rani and her husband rush Shai to the hospital after the teenager returned from a bad night of drug-laced partying. Lily’s lover asks her whether she wants to go to Dubai. Lily is elated with this news and asks Rani to help her out by blackmailing her. Ayesha is adamant about not withdrawing the complaint against Deepak, who turns out to be a sexual predator. Ayesha wants Lily not to give up on the dreams of starting the factory. The final episode of the first season allows Rani and Shai to bond together. Deepak is later arrested but tells the police that Rani’s son has run over a sex worker’s son with his car. The police arrive at Rani’s place.

We can expect the plot of the second season to follow these developments. It remains to be seen how Lily is able to restart life with her new factory ‘Lily Metals.’ Ayesha’s headstrong approach might be explored further as she wants to grow through her own individuality. The aftermath of Fatima and Arijay’s breakup might be a narrative thread to look out for. Shai and Rani have forged a better relationship, which might be the beginning of a new life for them. However, the police will perhaps play spoilsport since they have reached Rani’s house to apprehend her step-son. In essence, the second season might usher new chapters in the main characters’ lives.

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