Will There Be Bordertown Season 4 on Netflix?

Bordertown’ is a Finnish crime drama created by Miikko Oikkonen. It tells the story of a detective, who shifts to a small town in the hopes of encountering less crime, but everything goes back to square one when the town witnesses the horror of a serial killer. Every season of the show tackles a number of cases, weaving them together as a part of a bigger storyline.

Due to the massive success of the show in Finland, Netflix acquired the international distribution rights for it. With the greater scope of audience on the streaming service, the popularity of the show has increased tenfold. The fans can’t get enough of it, which is why they’ve been wondering if it will return for yet another season. Here’s what you should know about ‘Bordertown’ Season 4.

Bordertown Season 4 Release Date

‘Bordertown’ Season 3 premiered on YLE TV1 in Finland on December 1, 2019, and concluded on February 2, 2020. It was released internationally on Netflix on May 11, 2020. It consists of eight episodes with the runtime of one hour each.

As of now, there has been no official announcement from either YLE or Netflix about the future of the show. Considering how popular it is with the audience, especially in Finland, there is a good chance that the series will come back for another season. However, considering the coronavirus epidemic, we expect some delay in the production of the show. If all goes well, then ‘Bordertown’ Season 4 will release sometime in 2022.

Bordertown Season 4 Cast: Who’s in it?

‘Bordertown’ stars Ville Virtanen in the role of Detective Inspector Kari Sorjonen. Matleena Kuusniemi plays the part of Pauliina Sorjonen. Additional cast includes Anu Sinisalo as Detective Constable Lena Jaakkola, Lenita Susi as Katia Jaakkola, Kristiina Halttu as Detective Superintendent Taina Perttula, Olivia Ainali as Janina Sorjonen, and Ilkka Villi as Detective Constable Niko Uusitalo.

All the members of the main cast are expected to return for the next season as well. Season 3 also saw the return of Sampo Sarkola in the role of Lasse Maasalo. Depending on the storyline of the next season, we could see him again, or perhaps, even some other criminals and killers that the detective has encountered before. Because one season generally consists of 4-5 separate cases, new faces will also join the cast.

Bordertown Season 4 Plot: What’s it about?

The third season of ‘Bordertown’ shows Sorjonen trying to crack some of the most challenging cases of his career. He discovers a pattern in the new crimes when he realizes that they resemble some of his past cases. The killer has been studying them and is challenging him to catch him. In the last two episodes of the season, the return of Lasse Maasalo further complicates the situation along with the crisis of an outbreak in the town.

In Season 4 of ‘Bordertown’, we’ll see Sorjonen dealing with the impact of the killer and the outbreak on his family and the town. It will also serve some new, inventive crimes to the detective that would further test his mettle. Over the course of past seasons, things have become more personal for him. In the next season, we’ll see how much longer he allows his job to affect his personal relationships.

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