Boruto E212: All the Details You Need to Know

Developed from the manga series written by Ukyō Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto, ‘Boruto’ revolves around the next generation of ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village. The eponymous character is the son of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga. Since his childhood, he has witnessed the adoration his father receives as the Hokage of the village. While Boruto loves his father, he decides to search for his own destiny, away from his father’s enormous shadow. Boruto becomes a disciple of Sasuke Uchiha, his father’s closest friend and one-time rival. The anime premiered on April 5, 2017. Here is everything you need to know about its upcoming episode.

Boruto Episode 212 Release Date

‘Boruto’ episode 212, titled ‘Amado’s Defection,’ is set to release on August 22, 2021, on TV Tokyo. Pierrot Studios produced the series. It is currently directed by Masayuki Kouda and written by Masaya Honda. Tetsuya Nishio and Hirofumi Suzuki handled the character designs. Yasuharu Takanashi from the rock group YAIBA composed the score for the anime.

Where to Watch Boruto Episode 212 English Dub Online?

Viewers can watch ‘Boruto’ on Hulu both with English dubbing and original Japanese audio and English subtitles. On Crunchyroll, ‘Boruto’ is available with English, Portuguese, and Italian dubbings. If you are in Australia or New Zealand, your best bet is AnimeLab. If you want to watch the anime series with French dubbing, Anime Digital Network is the best option. Youku Tudou streams ‘Boruto in China.’ The series can be viewed in several Asian countries on Crunchyroll. ‘Boruto’ is also available on Netflix Japan.

Boruto Episode 212 Spoilers

In episode 211, Koji breaks into the archives of the Hidden Leaf and steals certain data. By the following morning, the break-in has become the talk of the village. Chouchou convinces her teammates, Shikadai and Inojin, to help her search for the intruder. Her acute sixth sense leads them to the tower where Koji set up his base. They find a tablet, but the information he apparently has stolen isn’t there. The three young shinobi spots someone in the street, but it’s none other than Kakashi, the Sixth Hokage. Shikadai figures out that Kakashi is also looking for the intruder. Team 10 and Kakashi then join forces to find Koji, but they soon discover that the intruder can use the clone technique.

Kakashi eventually corners Koji at the section of the archives where the older data is stored in scroll form. But once more, Koji evades capture. Later, Shikadai theorizes to Kakashi that Koji used to be a shinobi, and the data he tried to retrieve is somehow tied to his past. Meanwhile, Koji returns to Kara base. It is revealed that he and Amado are planning to kill Jigen while the Kara leader is still weak. In episode 212, Amado might shut Delta off before moving forward with their mission. However, they soon discover that Jigen has known about the entire plan.

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