Boruto E223: All the Details You Need to Know

Based on a Japanese manga series of the same name written by Ukyō Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto, ‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ or simply ‘Boruto’ is a shounen action anime. The series centers upon the titular protagonist as he embraces the conflicted world of shinobis and tries to forge his own path and not live in his father, Naruto Uzumaki‘s shadow. Lucky to have a mentor like Sasuke Uchiha, the young ninja works relentlessly to become better every day.

When he begins to explore the world, Boruto learns horrific details about the Great War and its long-lasting repercussions. The shounen series was first released on April 5, 2017. Here’s everything you need to know about its upcoming episode.

Boruto Episode 223 Release Date

Boruto episode 223, titled ‘Inojin vs. Houki,’ is all set to release on November 7, 2021. The series is animated by Pierrot Studios, with Masayuki Kouda helming the directorial team and Masaya Honda leading the writing staff. Yasuharu Takanashi has overseen the series music composition while Tetsuya Nishio and Hirofumi Suzuki have collaborated to design the characters.

Where to Watch Boruto Episode 223 English Dub Online?

Crunchyroll has licensed ‘Boruto’ for streaming outside Asia. People with a subscription to the streamer can head here to watch the latest episodes. The shounen anime is also accessible on Animelab and Hulu. Fans who live in China and wish to watch the show can head to Youku Tudou. Netflix Japan also has ‘Boruto’ in its catalog.

Boruto Episode 223 Spoilers

In episode 222, with the final stage of the Chunin exam approaching, Boruto wakes up early in the morning to prepare for the one-on-one fight. The young shinobi reveals to Kawaki that he will be training with Mitsuki. Meanwhile, Denki and Iwabe, who have progressed to the next round, are worried about Metal, who appeared depressed after failing to make it to the final test. However, despite his failure, Metal wants to help the duo train better for the one-on-one confrontation. Team 5 meets Dr. Katatsuke, who is preparing his testing rooms.

Metal becomes the training partner of Denki, the former wonders if he should be experimenting with his fighting style or not. Shikadai, Shikadai, and Inojin later head to a restaurant for some food which Inojin. He wonders what could have motivated him to do something so unusual suddenly. Shikadai reveals that he wants to spend some time with the duo every once in a while.

The students take some really helpful advice from Sai, but Tsubaki divulges that he will have to return to the Land of Iron as the candidate for a leadership position. In episode 223, the final round of the Chunin exam will finally commence with Boruto and his friends fighting in a one-on-one battle with other students.

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