Bosch Season 6: Everything We Know

Bosch Season 6

‘Bosch’ is a police procedural drama that has been keeping the audiences hooked since its premiere on February 6, 2014. It is based on the eponymous best-selling franchise by author Michael Connelly, who also serves as a co-creator, alongside showrunner, Eric Overmyer. It follows Harry Bosch, an LAPD detective who aims at putting a halt on the escapades of criminals and lawbreakers and can go to any limit to take them down. The critically acclaimed mystery drama has been lauded for its pace, gripping narrative, film noir vibe, and incredible performances.

Owing to its popularity, the show has spawned five successful seasons, with a sixth season on its way. Naturally, fans are wondering: When does ‘Bosch’ season 6 release on Prime Video? Well, we might be able to help you with that. Read on.

Bosch Season 6 Release Date

‘Bosch’ season 6 is all set to release April 17, 2020, at 3:00 am ET, on Prime Video. It will consist of 10 episodes with a runtime of an hour each. Good news to fans is that the network has already renewed the show for a seventh season. Unfortunately, it will also be the last season of the successful police procedural series.

Bosch Season 6 Cast: Who is in it?

Almost all the members of the main cast of the fifth season might reprise their roles in season 6.

Titus Welliver will undoubtedly return as Harry Bosch, a Gulf War veteran, and a hardworking LAPD Detective, working in the Hollywood division. Jamie Hector will join him as his partner in crime-solving, Detective Jerry Edgar. Amy Aquino will also be returning as Lieutenant Grace Billets, Bosch’s supervisor, who is also his dear friend.

Madison Lintz might reappear as Maddie Bosch, Bosch’s daughter. Season 6 might also see the return of Lance Reddick as Chief of Police Irvin Irving and Mimi Rogers as Honey ‘Money’ Chandler, Bosch’s frenemy.

Bosch Season 6 Plot: What can it be About?

In season 5, an old murder case is brought to light, and Bosch is slapped with an allegation of convicting the wrong guy on purpose. His career is put in jeopardy when a bitter ex-girlfriend accuses Bosch of tampering with the evidence, and new shreds of evidence emerge, connecting another criminal to the murder. Bosch takes the help of his Honey Chandler to wash off the false allegations and to prevent the murderer from walking free. Meanwhile, Bosch and Jerry also pursue a murder case involving an opioid ring. Things take a darker turn when they delve deeper into the case, putting their lives at risk. By the end of the season, Bosch swears to find the killer of Daisy Clayton.

In season 6, we can expect Bosch to set out in pursuit of Daisy Clayton’s killer, to give some closure to her mother, Elizabeth Clayton, who hasn’t been the same since Daisy’s death. The season is based on the novels – The Overlook and Dark Sacred Night. Bosch might find himself in a dilemma when a medical physicist – Dr. Stanley Kent, is killed, execution-style, and the hazardous radioactive material goes missing from the medical institution.

On learning that the murderers plan to use the poisonous radioactive material to bomb the city, to recreate a 9/11-esque disaster, Bosch and Jerry might go out on a limb to ensure that their city is safe and the criminals land where they belong, behind bars. There can be an interruption from the FBI, but Bosch might not let them side-line him, not this time.

Bosch Trailer

Check out the trailer for ‘Bosch’ season 6!

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