Boy George Net Worth

How much is Boy George worth? $35 million

How did Boy George earn his money and wealth?

Boy George was born as George Alan O’Dowd on 14th June 1961. He is popular as a DJ, Songwriter fashion designer, singer, producer, actor, performer, and photographer. Though he is famous for his contribution to the above fields, a lot has been said about his personality. When questioned by the media about his sexuality, he gave different answers during each interview which resulted in adding fuel to the speculations that were already floating around. He then claimed to be bisexual. He is also popular for his androgynous sense of dressing.

Some of Boy George’s most famous songs are: Karma Chameleon, Do You Really Want to Hurt Me, Time (Clock of the Heart), Kissing to Be Clever, Time, Colour By Numbers, Church of the Poison Mind, Victims, It’s A Miracle, Miss me Blind, Waking Up with the House on Fire, The War Song, Do They Know It’s Christmas, A Good Heart, From Luxury to Heartache, Move Away, I Just Want To Be Loved, Your Kisses are Charity, Don’t Mind If I Do, Everything I Own, Keep Me In Mind, To Be Reborn, Sold, Live My Life, Don’t Take My Mind On a Trip, No Clause 28, After the Love, Generations of Love, Bow Down Mister, One on One, etc.

Boy George’s flourishing career began seeing the down low when he started facing issues with cocaine abuse that eventually led him to abuse of other drugs as well. He, in fact, tried to perform on stage under the influence of drugs. His brother David, wanting to help Boy George out of the problem, helped address the issue on a channel. His career further soured when the Culture Club, a band in which Boy George was performing, was disbanded due to relationships between the band members that had gone bad and lawsuits were pointing at them over a looming case of death.

Two members of two different clubs he was working with were found dead due to a drug overuse. Boy George was implicated in both the cases which he later won. It put him in the negative light to be in such news. He has been arrested several times for illegal possession of various drugs.

He also has his own fashion line B-Rude which has been featured at various prestigious fashion shows and runways.

What are the highest selling music albums of Boy George?

  1. The Unrecoupable One Man Bandit (1999)
  2. U Can Never B2 Straight (2002)
  3. Cheapness and Beauty (1995)
  4. Tense Nervous Headache (1988)
  5. This Is What I Do (2013)

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