Brad Pitt Net Worth

How much is Brad Pitt worth? $300 million

How did Brad Pitt earn his money and wealth?

Taken birth as William Bradley Pitt, the American Hollywood is now well-known in the multimedia business as a successful actor, voice actor, film director and film producer. Keeping his professional life separate from personal affairs, Pitt has made a mark as a multi-millionaire celebrity. As of 2018, he is worth $240 million. A substantial part of Brad Pitt’s earning comes from the movies and TV shows he produces and of courses his acting career. His films have known to top blockbusters collection worldwide and that’s where his significant new worth has stockpiled.

While Brad has given lead appearances in many high-grossing blockbusters such as “Inglorious Basterds”, “Oceans 11”, “Slave and Troy”, the highest-grossing film on his curriculum vitae is indeed World War II movie Fury 2014, for which he earned $20 million starring in the film. Another high grossing movie of Brad include Zombie world “World War Z” 2013 which earned him $14 million. The film presumed to be an explosion in the making. It received decent reviews but got a much better response from audiences. The film happened to bank a vast sum of money, grossing about $202.3 million nationwide and $337.6 million in foreign countries.

Not only this, the 54 year old has raked in millions from his brand promotions, campaigns and endorsements. He was paid $3 million as a brand endorser of “Cadillac”, the US luxury car manufacturing motor company. The commercial, however, just aired in China. Perhaps his most famous – or infamous – commercials were the fall Chanel ads 2012, which attracted in mixed reactions from the audience and also mixed results. Whatever may have happened, the ad made him earn millions ($5.8 million), got voted as the worst ‘n’ weird ads of 2012 and made him the brand’s first ever male face. The commercials might have been awful, but Chanel certainly got extra attention, with the first ad having over 8.8 million views on YouTube channel.

Brad Pitt dwells in sheer luxury. Residing in a 1200 acre abode, “Château Miraval” worth $60 million in France. It is no wonder that Brad took his wedding vows with Angelina at their mansion. The property depicts a typical ancient British archaic style with some of it built in the 17th century. The mansion occupies 35 rooms, olive groves, vineyards, tenant residences, rooftop bar, and a private lake.

Pitt was first married to Jennifer Aniston but the relationship was not meant to last a lifetime and they ended up in a divorce after 5 years. Brad Pitt later married famous film maker and actress Angelina Jolie Pitt but the two could not make their marriage work and announced divorce in 2016, after 11 years of togetherness. The couple together has 6 children.

What are the highest grossing movies of Brad Pitt?

  1. World War Z   $202,359,711
  2. Mr. & Mrs. Smith        $186,336,279
  3. Ocean’s Eleven           $183,417,150
  4. Megamind      $148,415,853
  5. Troy     $133,378,256
  6. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button $127,509,326

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