Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2: Everything We Know

Netflix’s ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor’ is a mind-bending horror that follows Lisa down a drug-induced, dark-magic-infused rabbit hole. Based on the novel of the same name by Todd Grimson, the show’s central character is a budding film director who embarks on an occult revenge scheme when a sleazy Hollywood producer steals her short film. The resulting surreal caper is engrossing, to say the least, and has garnered praise for its unconventional approach and convincing cast.

A Nick Antosca and Lenore Zion creation, the show’s opening season ends on a relatively calm note but with clear seeds planted for a potentially explosive follow-up season. So will we get to see more of the show in the future? Here’s everything we know about ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor’ season 2.

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2 Release Date

‘Brand New Cherry Flavor’ season 1 premiered in its entirety on August 13, 2021, on Netflix. It contains 8 episodes, each with a run time of between 40 and 50 minutes.

As far as season 2 is concerned, there have been no official announcements regarding the show’s renewal. Unfortunately, as the show is billed as a limited series, there is a high possibility that one season is all we’re going to get. Of course, there are limited series that are occasionally extended for further seasons. However, so far, there is nothing that points to that being the case with ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor.’ Even wildly popular miniseries like ‘The Queen’s Gambit‘ have not (yet) seen a renewal, so there are likely many hurdles for the mind-bending horror show to overcome for potential renewal.

The story, though seeded with threads that can be picked up and weaved into a compelling plot for future seasons, also closes on a defining note with the central character giving up on her project and returning to her home country. Therefore, there is a certain air of finality in the final episode and a notable absence of a tense cliffhanger that characterizes the season finales of many shows that expect (or hope) to be renewed.

The storyline of the inaugural season of ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor’ also essentially exhausts the story of its source material (eponymous book), which again hints at there being only one season of the show. Since Todd Grimson has penned a few other novels, including ‘Stainless: A Modern Romance,’ which, like ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor,’ is also based in LA, we could see more adaptations of his work in the future. However, that will likely be under a different title. Taking the aforementioned factors into consideration, ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor’ season 2 is unlikely to get made. 

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

The show centers around Lisa Nova (Rosa Salazar), who has her short film stolen by Lou Burke (Eric Lange). She employs the help of the occult, cat-consuming witch Boro (Catherine Keener) and kills off Lou’s son Jonathan (Daniel Doheny). Lisa’s vengeful lead actress who plucks her own eyeball out is Mary Gray (Siena Werber), while the lead zombie seen stalking Lisa in the show’s opening episode and then throughout the story as Boro’s minion is Pierre (Mark Acheson).

Other supporting characters are Lisa’s friend Code (Manny Jacinto) and his girlfriend Christine Woods (Hannah Levien), Joe (Darcy Laurie), Jules (Jayson Blair), and Alvin (Patrick Fischler). Lisa’s unfortunate flame who gets decapitated is Roy (Jeff Ward). In case season 2 does get made, most of these actors, except for Ward and Keener’s characters Roy and Boro, will likely reprise their roles. There is also a chance that the creators might rope in a brand new cast in the potential season 2.

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

Season 1 follows Lisa as she delves into an occult, drug-induced revenge plot against the wealthy Hollywood producer Lou Burke who steals her short film. In a bid to regain the rights to direct her film, Lisa and her occult accomplice Boro manage to bring chaos into Lou’s life, but the budding director soon finds her own life disturbed by strange occurrences. When she tries to break things off with Boro, it is revealed that the ancient occult being is using Lisa for her own ends and plans on inhabiting her body.

The first season of ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor’ ends with Lisa’s loyal friend, along with many others, dying and Boro jumping into the body of Mary, the actress who plays the lead role in Lisa’s short film. In the final moments, Lisa herself discards her project despite the arrival of a new producer, who is intent on helping her. Instead, she leaves LA and returns to her home in Brazil.

In a potential season 2, we could see Lisa come to terms with the power of the White Jaguar, which she is hinted to be channeling. Furthermore, she could possibly find out more about her mysterious mother, who appears as a faceless entity in the first season. We could also see Boro, in her new body, embark on another scheme for power and chaos. An entertaining offshoot would be the ancient witch and the vengeful Lou (now blind), joining forces to hunt down Lisa together. There is also a possibility that the potential season 2 might explore a different storyline altogether.

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