Will There be a Breathe Season 3?

‘Breathe’ is a crime drama thriller that takes us into the depravity of the human mind and the extent one is willing to go to for family and those they love. Each season touches on a different tale, and the Indian original show starts with two men locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Their desperation soon reflects in the extremities of their actions, as a father tries to save his son by getting him the lungs he needs. Season 2 has been a worthy follow up as well, which makes the viewers wonder whether we might see ‘Breathe’ Season 3.

Breathe Season 3 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Breathe’ Season 2 premiered on July 10, 2020, on Amazon Prime. Naturally, there’s no immediate news of renewal for Season 3. Typically, a show’s continuation hinges on audience reception. Now, Season 1 wasn’t too well-received critically, with many calling it bizarre. Season 2 has not been successful in that regard either. However, viewers have flocked to the series, primarily because it is an Indian original content, and the tale packs enough twists.

Thus, Season 3 is likely to be greenlit as well. However, viewers have to wait a while before seeing it. There’s been a gap of two years between the seasons. Accordingly, ‘Breathe’ Season 3 is likely to release in January 2022.

Breathe Season 3 Cast: Who Could Be In It?

‘Breathe’ has changed its cast over the seasons, but while the show might have been better off as an anthology series with underscored links, it attempts to make a connected tale. Thus, we have some recurring central characters. Among them is Dr. Avinash Sabharwal, who becomes a remorseless serial killer in the new season. In Season 3, we expect Abishek Bachchan to reprise the role. Acting as the foil, over the seasons is Amit Sadh’s Kabir Sawant. The upcoming season will undoubtedly see Sawant navigating the law enforcement landscape.

Breathe Season 3 Plot: What Could It Be About?

‘Breathe’ follows different storylines in the seasons, but there are some commonalities. The series is an exploration of the origins of a serial killer. The first season sees the father forced to kill for his boy. Season 2 sees Avinash contemplating the ethics of murder, but then going the distance for the missing child. At the same time, the series leverages family bonds as something which drives us to extreme actions.

At this juncture, the exact story of Season 3 remains unknown, but Avinash and Sawant will surely go toe to toe sometime in the future. The latter has relocated to Delhi and given up his alcoholic ways. Therefore, with Avinash turning into a dangerous serial killer, the upcoming season promises a clash between good and evil.

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