Where is Brittani Fulfer From My 600-lb Life Now?

‘My 600-lb Life’ on TLC gives us an insight into the weight loss journeys undertaken by several morbidly obese people. While Dr. Now’s careful supervision and guidance help them to shed some pounds before being greenlit for surgery, the individual weight loss processes still take a lot of hard work and determination. Brittani Fulfer has had one of the toughest journeys on the show but has faced the uphill battle like a champion. So, where is Brittani now?

Brittani Fulfer’s My 600-lb Life Journey:

Brittani joined the series when she tipped the scales at 605 pounds. She told viewers that she’d suffered from sexual abuse as a child, which led to her obesity. The participant described that living in her body caused too much pain and sadness. Often when she looked into the mirror, she was disgusted by what she saw. However, Dr. Now helped the woman change her life. He put her on a 1200-calories a day diet. Brittani ate three times a day, following a chart that was high in protein and very low on carbs. She made a note of whatever she ate three times a day.

After a while, results began to show as Brittani lost 240 pounds. A follow-up episode showed that she had shed an additional 93 pounds which brought her weight down to 272 lbs.

Where is Brittani Fulfer Now?

After a massive weight loss, Brittani and her husband even considered the possibility of trying to have a baby, something they wouldn’t even have thought of at the start of the participant’s journey. While the couple has not had a child of their own, they have become an uncle and aunt to little Deshon, a bundle of joy. The baby helps Brittani to fight her depression. The ‘My 600-lb Life’ alum has always been open about her mental health problems and has accordingly made her social media account a safe environment for her fans and friends. Here’s a picture of Brittani stating that her adoration for her nephew ensures she doesn’t give up on life.

You can also take a look at the amazing progress Fulfer has made when it comes to losing weight.

Since Fulfer’s battle is two-pronged, and she has to struggle with her weight and mental health issues, Brittani’s profile is often peppered with positive quotes. Here, she’s urging others to not lose hope just as she hasn’t.

Losing weight seems to have given Brittani enough confidence to handle guns and she has quite a few pictures of herself outdoors, where she appears to be having a good time.

Finally, for someone with mental health problems and depression, it is not easy to crack a smile. Therefore, we’d like to leave you with an extremely positive image from Fulfer’s roster. She’s been photographed with her husband in a shared moment of joy.

Among the participants on ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Brittani has had it a little worse than others because her ongoing battle with depression increases the chances of relapsing to unhealthy eating habits. However, Brittani has battled and continued on her path to progress. The change is visible and she appears happy in her current state. Despite her initial hardships, Brittani is loved by her family and their support urges her to keep moving forward.

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