Broadchurch: Cancelled or Renewed?

The ITV series Broadchurch premiered on March 4, 2013, and consisted of eight episodes. The series is a serial crime drama created by Chris Chibnall. It is set in Broadchurch (the title is based upon this name), a fictional town in Dorset. Broadchurch had a three-season run with each season having an eight-episode format. The second season premiered on January 5, 2015, and the third on February 27, 2017. Chibnall served as the executive producer for the show and wrote all the 24 episodes. He previously wrote five episodes of the acclaimed BBC drama Doctor Who. Being a self-professed fan of the show, Chibnall went on to serve as showrunner for the eleventh season. Broadchurch has been lauded by critics and viewers alike. Ólafur Arnalds scored the music for the series.

Broadchurch Plot: What’s it about?

The first season of the series concentrated on the homicide of 11-year-old Danny Latimer, with every one of the occupants of the close-knit town of Broadchurch coming under suspicion at one point or the other. Danny’s dad Mark was one of the primary suspects at a certain point, with his whereabouts on the night of the homicide unknown. It was in the end uncovered that he had been having an illicit relationship with the owner of the nearby B&B. DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller are in charge of the investigation when their working relationship gets in a tough spot as they learn that DS Miller was in line for DI Hardy’s position. This turns out to be the least of her problems as the season ends with her husband Joe being revealed as the murderer. As the second season begins, we find out that Joe is not guilty. Following two months of tense courtroom drama, the jury set him free. The joy soon turns sour for the presumed child killer as Danny’s dad Mark and his friend Nige capture him and with a death threat from Ellie – he is asked to leave for good. He is finally exiled from Broadchurch. Detective Inspector Alec Hardy moves onto the noteworthy Sandbrook case. We are left until the last scene to find the truth. It is revealed that Ricky Gillespie unintentionally murdered Lisa. He crushed her head on the floor on discovering her in a tryst with Lee Ashworth. Lee Ashworth later eliminated Young Pippa Gillespie, who witnessed the murder, following orders from his accomplice Claire Ripley.

The third season is about the rape of a local woman. After eight episodes of confusion and red herrings, the offender is found out to be trophy-gathering taxi creep Clive Lucas (Sebastian Armesto). It is revealed later that he was covering for his high school stepsons Michael (Deon Lee-Williams) and Leo Humphries (Chris Mason). The main culprit turns out to be Leo who arrogantly admits his crime later. The story finally settles as we see DI Miller pulling himself together in the aftermath. Hardy tries to comfort him by stating the fact that Leo is a deranged human and others should not be judged through him.

Broadchurch Cast: Who’s in it?

The lead cast includes David Tennant and Olivia Colman who portray DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller. David Tennant is a British actor who has achieved global fame by portraying a variety of characters. He is known for playing the tenth incarnation of The Doctor in the BBC series Doctor Who. During that time, he also portrayed Giacomo Casanova in the BBC comedy-drama Casanova. Most recently, he starred as Kilgrave in Jessica Jones (Netflix) as the main villain. Olivia Colman is best known for her supporting roles in shows like The Night Manager, Accused and Fleabag. She is a multiple award-winning actor. So far, she has won four BAFTAs, two golden globes and an Academy Award.

Additionally, the series features an ensemble cast that includes Jodie Whittaker, Andrew Buchan, Carolyn Pickles, Arthur Darvill and Charlotte Beaumont. Jodie Whittaker stars as Beth Latimer. Whittaker is best known for playing the thirteenth and the first female Doctor in Doctor Who. Prior to Doctor Who, she has appeared in a Black Mirror episode called ‘The Entire History of You’. Andrew Buchan plays Mark Latimer, Beth Latimer’s husband. Buchan who is known for playing John Mercer in ITV drama series The Fixer (2008–09), and as William Garrow in BBC period drama Garrow’s Law (2009–11). Carolyn Pickles appears in the series as Maggie Radcliffe. Pickles is a prominent stage actor in the West End Theatre, and she is also known for playing Shelley Williams in Emmerdale (ITV). The British actor and musician Arthur Darvill plays the role of Rev. Paul Coates. Darvill is known for portraying the character of Rory Williams who was one of the Eleventh Doctor’s companions in the series Doctor Who. Additionally, he has starred as Rip Hunter in Legends of Tomorrow. Charlotte Beaumont is a British actor who plays the role of Chloe Latimer. Before starring in this series, she was known for playing Kenzie Calhoun in Waterloo Road.

Broadchurch Season 4 Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed?

Both ITV and Chris Chibnall have confirmed that the series will not be returning for another season because it was always meant to be a trilogy with three seasons. Broadchurch ended with season 3 in 2017. Chris Chibnall said BBC Radio 4 program: “That is it, and there will be no more after this one, absolutely.” he also stated, “It’s been an extraordinary journey with the show it has taken us all by surprise.” In the final scene, it is revealed who physically assaulted Trish Winterman. The final season ends on a great note where Miller and Hardy unveil the culprit. The story of Broadchurch can be continued with a spinoff or a prequel featuring a different cast. We will have to wait for any official announcement regarding that. The trailer for season 1 can be checked out here.