Has Brockmire Been Cancelled?

‘Brockmire’ is a comedy-drama that originally premiered on April 5, 2017, on IFC. Developed by Joel Church-Cooper and directed by Tim Kirkby and Maurice Marable, the series follows a renowned Major League Baseball announcer named Jim Brockmire (played by Hank Azaria), who has a major meltdown before the audience when he learns about his wife’s knack toward serial cheating. The story then takes us a decade after this embarrassing incident when Jim decides to recover from the fiasco by taking control of his life. He sets off to reclaim his profession, as well as, his romantic journey.

Starring Amanda Peet and Tyrel Jackson Williams in addition to Azaria, ‘Brockmire’ has been lauded for its compelling performances from the lead cast. Packed with raw humor, its first season was the highest-rated new show on IFC. Hence, unsurprisingly, it was renewed for a second, third, and then a fourth edition. Now that season 4 has finished its run, fans are wondering if there will ever be a ‘Brockmire’ Season 5. Read on.

Brockmire Season 5 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

‘Brockmire’ Season 4 premiered on March 18, 2020, on IFC. After spanning eight episodes, it concluded on May 6, 2020.

Now, as far as a fifth season goes, here is the thing. ‘Brockmire’ right from the start was conceptualized as a four-season story. Hence, season 4 concludes the entire plot and offers complete closure to the series. And as planned, the fourth installment serves as the last outing from the show. IFC Executive Director Blake Callaway confirmed the news in a statement in December 2019, ahead of season 4’s premiere. He said to Deadline: “Blazers off to the amazing crew, our fantastic partners at Funny Or Die, and the incredible cast, especially the incomparable Hank Azaria, who lives, sleeps and breathes Jim Brockmire, as well as Amanda Peet who makes an indelible contribution to the show as Jules, and Tyrel Jackson-Williams who completely shines as Charles. Fans and critics alike will love watching how the story ends.”

Star Jim Brockmire added: “Making this show has been one of the top 7 joys of my life. Others include that time by the swings with this guy Phil; my visit to the belt factory; my childhood days on the carrot farm; every time I finish a pancake challenge; that moment when you pass a porta-potty and it really stinks then finally you get far enough away from it where you don’t smell it anymore and just normal air seems like sweet, sweet perfume to you.”

Yes, ‘Brockmire’ has been an amazing journey, and fans were impressed with a story that offers an uncommon mix of comedy, empathy, and emotion. But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. And the same applies to our favorite IFC title. To wrap it up, ‘Brockmire’ Season 5 stands officially cancelled. 

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