Bryan Cranston Net Worth

How much is Bryan Cranston worth? $40 million

How did Bryan Cranston earn his money and wealth?

Bryan Lee Cranston was born on 7th March 1956. He is a producer, actor, and screenwriter Some of his popular roles include Breaking Bad’s Walter White, Hal in Malcolm in the Middle, and Dr. Tim Whatley in Seinfeld. Bryan Cranston’s mother was a radio actress and his father was an actor and amateur boxer. Unable to provide enough for the family of five, the father walked out. For 11 years, Bryan Cranston was not in touch with his father until he and his brother decided to track him down one day.

After finishing up with college, Bryan Cranston decided to join the local theatre groups in San Fernando Valley. The Universal Life Church granted him the post of a minister, which enabled him to perform weddings at the church. He would earn $150 for every wedding he performed. In order to increase his meager income, he worked as a waiter, a security guy during the night shift and a waiter. He later became a CCTV guard for a supermarket chain, loaded trucks etc.

He soon began doing voice-overs, realizing the potential that he had. Though voice-overs, he was earning 50$ an hour. Bryon Cranston was soon introduced to small roles in TV series and shows. He slowly worked his way up so that he could get better opportunities for acting. Some of the movies that did extremely well, but Bryan Cranston’s role was not in the lead were Corporate Affairs (1990), Saving Private Ryan (1998), John Carter (2012), Little Miss Sunshine (2006), That Thing You Do! (1996), Clean Slate (1994), etc. He has also played numerous guest roles in movies and television series.

From 2008 up until 2013, Bryan Cranston was busy with the filming of Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad proved to be a turning point in his career. He received an outpouring of appreciation for his role as the rogue chemistry teacher Walter White. From all around the world, the series was showered with praises and ended up garnering several prestigious awards. He was nominated 5 times at the Golden Globes and won once in 2014. This brought him international fame as well as 6 Screen Guild Awards and Satellite Award nominations, of which he won four each. Breaking Bad tops several lists for being one of the best series ever made.

He then began expanding his horizon by directing scenes from other series and episodes as well. Some of the movies and series in which he took part are: Isle Of Dogs (2018), The Disaster Artist, Last Flag Flying, Wakefield (2017), Power Rangers (2017), Why Him? (2016), The Infiltrator (2016), Kung Fu Panda 3 voice actor (2016), Trumbo (2015), Godzilla (2014), Cold Comes the Night (2014), Argo (2012), Total Recall (2012), Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted voice (2012), Red Tails (2012), Drive (2011), Contagion (2011), Larry Crowne (2011), The Lincoln Lawyer (2011), Love Ranch (2010), Seeing Other People (2004), etc.

What are the highest grossing movies of Bryan Cranston?

  1. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (2012): $216,391,482
  2. Godzilla (2014): $200,676,069
  3. Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016): $143,528,619
  4. Argo (2012): $136,025,503
  5. Power Rangers (2017): $85,364,450
  6. Contagion (2011): $75,658,097

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