Bryton Constantin: Where is Squid Game Player 432 Now?

Image Credit: Bryton Constantin/Instagram

In a show like Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ it is hard not to feel captivated by the characters who have a strong presence in the game. Love them or hate them; one thing you cannot do is ignore them. For fans of the show, this became easily true for Bryton Constantin, AKA Player 432, a contestant who remained one of the strongest contenders in the competition and created a reputation for himself that one could not help but respect. After all, when you are in a competition as big as this, every advantage matters.

During his time in the show, Bryton aspired to control the results as much as possible and never shied away from doing what was needed to turn things in his favor. That said, the competitor did earn the ire of some of his feel cast members, who did not seem on board with how he behaved and treated others. However, Bryton himself was focused on the single possibility of winning, not caring if he was being considered in a negative light by others.

Despite what one might think, Bryton did have some alliances that he treasured, knowing that winning the ‘Squid Game‘ inspired competition on his own was likely an impossibility. Additionally, he had his own set of morals that he stood by no matter the case. With everything seemingly going in his favor, his abrupt exit certainly left the viewers a bit conflicted about it all, now leaving the public to wonder about what Bryton might be up to these days.

Bryton Constantin is Now a Content Creator

Seen in ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ as Player 432, Bryton Constantin was perhaps one of the strongest presences in the first half of season 1 of the Netflix reality show. With a strong belief in his faith in Jesus and God, he claimed that he prioritized himself and his benefit over anyone else’s feelings, even referring to himself as a bit “selfish” in nature. “I’m not cocky in the slightest. I don’t think I am better than one person on this Earth. My personality is very confident. It’s very outgoing. It… It’s… It’s almost selfish because I love myself so much,” Bryton shared in the Netflix show, adding that he didn’t want to be like anyone else because God made him the way he is.

One of the key principles likely making Brytong stand out from the rest was his disagreement with anyone who believes life to be unfair since he claims that the same thing that everyone goes through traumatic events, but he refuses to complain about it. In the show, he talked about his younger years when it was just him and his mother, claiming that his mother was his best friend. Bryton also clarified growing up without a father has apparently made him a distrustful person by nature to the extent that he trusts no one, with his mother being the sole exception. However, he admitted that even his trust in his mother is often shaky sometimes.

“At times, I couldn’t even trust my mom because how much can a… My mom had me when she was 21, so how much can a 20-year-old white woman teach a young Black kid?” Bryton explained while talking about his relationship with his mother. “Don’t get it wrong,” he added. “I… I love her to death. That is, like, my best friend on this planet. But you gotta understand that from the moment I was put on this Earth, there wasn’t really anybody for me to trust.”

An athletic person by nature, Bryton now lives in Clemson, South Carolina. He became a student at Clemson University in 2019 and even part of the institute’s football team. However, he dropped out of his last semester to take part in the Netflix series, taking it as a personal challenge. Presently, the reality TV star, who turned 23 in October 2023, can be seen enjoying time with his friends and family. He also embarked on a career as a social media content creator, often posting videos on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Most of his work is related to fitness and fashion.

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