When Does Bull Season 5 Come Out on CBS?

Inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw, ‘Bull’ is an enticing legal drama. Although it adopts some widely familiar legal show tropes, it is elevated by the top-notch performances of its cast and breezy yet intriguing storyline. The show may not befit everyone’s taste, but if you’re avoiding hefty high-concept dramas and looking for something much simpler, this is the show you might want to go for. That being said, if you’ve already watched the first four seasons of ‘Bull’, and are wondering if and when will ‘Bull’ season 5 release, here’s everything we know.

Bull Season 5 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘Bull’ Season 4, which released on September 23, 2019, was the show’s first season without Steven Spielberg as its executive producer. It ended with its 20th episode on May 4, 2020. You can watch all the episodes on CBS.

‘Bull’, throughout its run, has progressed to become a dependable title for CBS and has garnered a steady fan following. Hence, it came as no surprise when the network announced its renewal almost immediately after the season 4 finale. However, although the show has received its go-ahead for a new season, we cannot expect it to follow its regular, annual fall schedule — thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. If everything works out well for the show within the next few months, we can expect ‘Bull’ Season 5 to release sometime in 2021.

Bull Season 5 Cast: Who Can be in it?

In the previous seasons of ‘Bull,’ Michael Weatherly plays the role of the main character Dr. Jason Bull, who holds three PhDs in the field of psychology. Apart from him, Freddy Rodriguez can be seen as Benjamin “Benny” Colón, Geneva Carr as Marissa Morgan, Christopher Jackson as Chunk Palmer, Jaime Lee Kirchner as Danielle “Danny” James, and Mackenzie Meehan as Taylor Rentzel.

Other recurring cast members include Dena Tyler as Liberty Davis, Jill Flint as Diana Lindsay, Yara Martinez as Isabella “Izzy” Colón, Gary Wilmes as Kyle Anderson/Robert Allen, Jazzy Williams as Anna Baker, and David Furr as Greg Valerian. Most of these characters from the previous seasons will probably reprise their respective role in Season 5 as well and along with that, we can also some new additions to the cast.

Bull Season 5 Plot: What Can it be About?

In the Season 4 finale, Bull and his TAC team try their best to assist Taylor. The driver who had killed Taylor’s friend in the hit-and-run case tries to claim diplomatic immunity. However, Bull brings a civil suit against the woman to make sure that he’s able to help Taylor. In the closing moments of the episode, Taylor even wins the case, while Henry bids his farewell after deciding to move back home to his parents. Taylor feels bad about his departure but realizes that he’ll be happy with his family. Since the fourth season completely concludes Taylor’s side of the story, it becomes pretty obvious that Bull and his team will pick up on a whole new case in the next season.

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