Bunny Debarge Net Worth

How much is Bunny Debarge Worth? $300 thousand

How did Bunny Debarge earn her money and wealth?

Bunny DeBarge was born on March 15, 1955, and is an American singer-songwriter, best known for composing and writing songs in her sibling group DeBarge.  Bunny is also recognized as the lead vocalist in the classic R&B ballad, “A Dream” from the album, In a Special Way. She has also co-written the DeBarge’s group’s breakthrough hit, “I Like It” released in 1982.

Bunny developed a passion for music while singing in a church in her childhood. She and her brothers formed their group where her brothers play the instruments and Bunny writes and composes songs and melodies. Bunny teamed up with her brother to form the Debarges in 1979 and the group became the part of Switch Band.Between 1979 and 1981, Bunny and her brothers worked for Switch band and she collaborated with her brother Bobby on songs like “Hold On to My Love”, “My Friend in the Sky” and “Love Over and Over Again”.

In 1981, Bunny produced the debut album along with his brothers and the album was featured alongside brother EIon on their own co-written, “Share My World”. In the following year, the group added their teenage brother James and renamed their group to just DeBarge. In 1982, they brought their second album in the market, All This Love. The album topped the charts and gave them their first musical success. In the album, Bunny wrote the lyrics along with his brothers, Randy and EI.

Their success continued with their third album, In A Special Way, in 1983. The album, with the two songs composed by Bunny, “Stay with Me” and “A Dream” became a super hit and the group got international recognition and fame. In this album also, Bunny played the role of Lyricist. In 1985, their album, Rhythm of the Night album, ranked in the top 5 hits of that year and proved to be their biggest success in the world of music. However, this album leads to the separation of Bunny from her sibling group.

Forced to sing individually after many arguments with her brothers, Bunny followed outside group brother El in 1986 and in 1987, Bunny released her debut album, In Love, releasing one single, “Save the Best for Me”.However, the album failed to mark its presence on Billboards. This failure was not easily accepted by Bunny and she decided to make an exit from the music world at the end of 1980’s. Bunny has been married two times and has four children.

What are the most popular appearances of Bunny Debarge?

  1.    The DeBarges (1981)
  2.    All This Love (1982)
  3.    In a Special Way (1983)
  4.    Rhythm of the Night (1985)
  5.    Back on Track (1991)

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