Buying It Blind Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

Buying a home becomes extremely difficult when you don’t have any sources or contacts to get a new home. As we all know, buying a home can be a stressful task. Enters – Buying It Blind, a TV program that first released on 2nd November 2018 on Bravo Network. In this series, the buyers put all their trust into three experts to find their home. The only thing they are not allowed to pick is their own favourite home. This series features six different couples who are looking for a new home as well as are invested in its renovation. The home experts including visionary contractor Jen Metzger, real estate agent Anna Kilinski, as well as a designer Michel Smith Boyd, help these couples to buy their dream home which they have been longing for. The home buyers talk about their needs and wants before buying the property. The title Buying It Blind says it all. The couples purchase a home without ever seeing it. After purchasing the house, the buyers ask for assistance from the experts to build the home of their dreams. Sometimes, experts feel the pressure to renovate homes. With so many demands, can they complete the renovation on time?

“We have to ask a lot of the right questions, said Jen Metzger, the show’s builder, an Atlanta native, and Lovett School graduate. “People think they know what they want but also don’t know what they want. That’s where a team of experts comes in.” “Many people don’t have vision or time to purchase a home properly’, she said. “At the end, they value what we’ve given to them.”

Buying It Blind Season 2 Cast: Who is in it?

Michel Smith Boyd- Michel is a celebrity home designer; Anna Kilinski- Anna serves as a real estate agent; Jen Metzger- Jen serves as a home experts visionary contractor in this series.

Buying It Blind Season 2 Plot: What is it about?

In the first season, Jennifer and Eric are soon to be married and outgrow his bachelor pad after Jennifer moved into his home. Michel, Anna, and Jen are the home experts who work day and night to ensure that their new home offers some personal space, and has an elegant presence for the soon to be a married couple. In the next episode, Jen, Anna, and Michel build a home for Adrian and Gigi. They try their level best to provide all the luxury in their new home. They struggle to find unique ideas to make their home innovative and attractive in the Buckhead neighbourhood. They wish to build a home that can stand up to Adrian’s demands and Gigi’s tastes.

Jen, Anna, and Michel come to the rescue of a family who is looking for a warm home for their kids under age four. Brian and Savannah need schools located close to their new home. The experts begin their hunt to find a property situated in a great school district. The experts have to tick all boxes on the wishlist of needs of this huge family. In the episodes that follow, we see Adan and Cathy, a newly married couple searching for a new home. They are suffering from a great difficulty to find a most desirable property. They seek help from Jen, Anna, and Michel because they are completely new to the area. The experts assist them in finding a new home and venturing into a new neighbourhood. The experts also have to keep in mind that the home matches up to Cathy’s taste. They hit a speed bump after buying a home. Their renovation comes to a halt and ruins their plans. They are seen fighting tooth and nail to rectify the situation, and they do in the end.

Another couple, Mahalath and Terrance, asks for help from Anna, Michel and Jen to find their home sweet home that can fit up to Mahalath’s elegant lifestyle and Terrance’s modern taste. They have been looking for a home for more than four years because they have been unable to decide on a perfect home that suits both their styles. In the final episode, we see a couple, Leslie and Eric who decide to settle down in one city after a long distance relationship. Leslie lives in a small temporary house and Eric lives in his parent’s basement. Michel, Jen, and Anna make a run for the perfect house for the couple. They search for a home in Atlanta which has investment potential as well as offers great renovation space. This property is Eric, and Leslie’s first home bought together.

Buying It Blind Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Purchasing a home without actually being able to see it on your own is a risky job. And leaving that responsibility to someone else takes courage. But when it comes to experts like Anna, Michel and Jen, you can rest assured they won’t let you down with their unique picks from unique neighbourhoods. Buying it Blind has received mixed reviews from the audience. For now, all we can say is that the channel may or may more renew the series. If it does return, we can expect an air date late in 2019. Keep your fingers crossed and keep checking this section for more details.

Buying It Blind Season 2 Trailer

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