Are Calvin and Moira From Love Island Still Together?

Since its inception on July 9, 2019, ‘Love Island U.S.A’ has ensured that the contestants are given a fair chance to choose their partner based on compatibility, connection, and most importantly, love. Most of the couples form an inseparable equation since day one and keep at it till the end. Yet a few others exhibit themselves to be fickle-minded as they cannot decide which way to go. Two such participants to have appeared on the show are Calvin and Moira.

Their pairing has been one of the most entertaining journeys on the show. The viewers were bemused by their initial indecisiveness, but the pair eventually won back their support. They bagged the third position on the second season’s finale episode and celebrated their union instead of sulking the loss. But are Calvin and Moira still together?

Calvin and Moira: Love Island Journey

At the start of the second season, both Moira and Calvin acted like children in a candy store, but what’s ‘Love Island’ without a little temptation? He entered the exotic villa with Caleb Corprew and eventually took Moira Tumas and Kierstan Saulter on romantic dates. The audience saw Casa Amor causing a few blowouts as Calvin started showing interest in the new girl, Sher Suarez. Unfortunately, they felt no significant connection, which put him in a position to settle down with Moira in the last round of coupling. Even Moira’s journey since the start of the show was nothing less than a roller coaster ride.

After she split from James McCool, the stunning “islander” coupled up with Aaron Owen and, within a matter of hours, jumped to Calvin. Following her short-lived infatuation, she then found herself stuck in the middle of the “missing my ex” scenario with Connor Trott. After these multiple couplings, Moira remained fixated on her decision to be with Calvin after the fifth week. It looked like his lap dancing skills had wooed her, and she could finally see them having a real connection. After they wrapped up the second season’s filming, both of them seemed eager to step out of the villa into the real world to get to understand each other’s personalities better.

Are Calvin and Moira Still Together?

While they failed to win the show, the pair is happy and content to have found love in the end. While the two have not yet discussed their short or long-term plans publicly, it seems like they are going strong together. Moira recently took to her Instagram to share the adorable moments they have been spending with each other.

She looks so happy recording him hog a doughnut down his throat at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen restaurant. The beautiful couple seems to be enjoying on the streets of Vegas after the show has wrapped up. Calvin, too, has received his phone back, but he seems to be in no hurry to update the world about his status. However, he is focusing on spending some quality time with his girlfriend.

Moira Tumas/Instagram

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