Carancho Ending, Explained: Does Sosa and Luján Leave Town?

Directed by visionary director Paulo Trapero, ‘Carancho’ is a crime-drama that draws heavily from real-life issues and societal problems. Ricardo Darín takes on the lead role in the movie, portraying Sosa, aka “The Vulture,” due to his involvement in ambulance-chasing escapades. His alias originates from his practice of encouraging low-income workers to file frivolous cases in exchange for substantial payments. Nonetheless, his life takes a turn when he encounters Luján (Martina Gusman), an ambulance doctor who, unlike him, genuinely cares for the ill and needy.

The film’s cinematography and directing excel in portraying the stress and uncertainty of urban life. The movie’s depiction of car crashes and what follows is dramatic and moving, drawing sympathy for those hurt but also exposing the callous manipulation of those looking to profit from the tragedy. If you’re curious to see how this illegal business ends for Sosa and how it affects his relationship with Luján, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Carancho.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Carancho Plot Synopsis

The protagonist, Sosa (Ricardo Darin), is an ambulance-chasing lawyer who spends his days and evening looking for a new opportunity to swindle people. He convinces people who have been in an accident to file fake lawsuits and cases against their hitters, and in return, takes a hefty percentage of the compensation. Sosa’s long career as an ambulance chaser has not only earned him notoriety but also many enemies. One fateful evening he encounters Luján Olivera (Martina Gusman), an ambulance doctor, who immediately recognizes him as a “Vulture” who capitalizes and profits on other’s people misery.

Sosa used to be an honest man but began swindling people after he lost his license. With no money to put food on the table, he began working for the Foundation people. Sosa targets people who’re unemployed and don’t have any medical coverage. If they ever get into a road accident, Sosa helps them sue the insurance company. Sosa even goes the extra mile by breaking their limbs before to make his case appear strong. On the other hand, Luján is a hardworking ambulance doctor with genuine concern for the injured.

Luján’s and Sosa’s interactions with one another become frequent when they begin crossing paths due to the nature of their professions. Soon they began sharing each other’s dreams and ambitions over a cup of coffee. Luján hopes to secure an internship as a surgeon, while Sosa wants a change of scenery. He desperately wants to leave his swindling job and plans to earn an honest living as soon as he gets his license. It wasn’t long until they began developing feelings for one another.

The magic of hanging out with Luján began to rub off on Sosa. Earlier, Sosa was all about being stone-faced and looking out for numero uno. However, the more time he spends with Luján, he starts to tune in to the pain and scars of the people he represents. Unfortunately, their friendship turns sour when Sosa plans an accident with an aged man, thinking he could ask for more money from the car owner after the incident. However, things get out of hand, and the old man succumbs to the injuries from the accident. Sosa apologizes to Luján for dragging her into the mess, but the latter is done with Sosa’s shenanigans and walks away.

From that point, Luján cut all contact with Sosa but would occasionally get updates about Sosa from her colleagues—finding out what he was up to, how he was doing, and where he was. Unfortunately, unread texts are the leasts of Sosa’s problems, as he’s regularly being beaten and harassed by the men he has pissed in his line of work. These men are part of the criminal and corrupt world that Sosa inhabits. Sosa drives to Luján’s hospital, where she’s now interning as a surgeon and is treated for injuries. He reveals that he was beaten because he collected all of Vega’s money and transferred it to his wife. Sosa continues that he can no longer work here and offers Luján to skip town with him. Unfortunately, she brushes off the offer as a joke. Sosa returns to his office and threatens his colleague that he will call every single person they’ve conned if he’s not left alone.

Carancho Ending: Was Sosa Able to Leave Town with Luján?

Luján reaches out to Sosa, seeking his assistance in securing compensation for a middle-aged woman who lost her brother in a car accident. Sosa steps in and helps the woman retrieve her brother’s body for cremation and extends his help to the grieving widow. Sadly, Sosa’s colleagues answer his kindness by setting his car on fire. At the same time, Luján faces her own challenges, encountering threats and being cautioned that her career could be at risk if she doesn’t steer clear of certain matters. On the other hand, Sosa’s renewed empathy stirs love in Luján’s heart once more. The memories of the time they had shared began to resurface once again.

Sosa pays a visit to his old boss, Perro (Carlos Weber), to allow him to work in peace. Perro agrees to help on the condition that Sosa brings him five power of attorney documents. Perro wants these documents, so he can have power over his partners, who are plotting against his back. However, in the middle of all the commotion, Casal (José Luis Arias) and his goons barge inside Sosa’s house and attack Luján. In revenge, Sosa attack and kills Casal for hurting Luján. The couple decides to skip town, but Sosa is arrested. Perro pulls some strings and offers him freedom if he brings all the money from his current case. He even offers him a new position in the Foundation.

Sosa delivers, but knowing he can’t trust Perro, he hatches a plan of his own. Together with Luján, he orchestrates an accident in Pedro’s car, intending to steal and deliver the money where it belongs. Luján manages to get Sosa out, but they are soon met with a barrage of bullets. The duo somehow manages to get away in the truck, but they end up in a severe accident that flips over the truck. The screen goes black, and the hectic sounds of the hospital indicate that Sosa and Luján are now in the hospital, receiving treatment for their serious injuries. The movie ends on an obscure note, allowing the audience to imagine their own possible conclusions.

Did Sosa and Luján Survive the Accident?

The ending of ‘Carancho’ deliberately maintains a level of uncertainty, leaving us to wonder about the fate of Sosa and Luján following the accident. The film concludes with an emotional exchange between the couple inside the car. Both of them have suffered serious injuries. In the final moments, we discover that two individuals, a male and a female, have been brought into the hospital with severe injuries. The male (Sosa) shows no signs of a pulse and is dealing with internal bleeding.

On the other hand, we overhear a female doctor asking Luján if she can hear her, implying that Luján likely survived the accident. This subtle hint suggests that Luján made it through, while sadly, Sosa wasn’t as fortunate and succumbed to his injuries. However, this is all just speculation, and it is also possible that both of them survived the horrific accident. The conclusion of ‘Carancho’ is a summation of the film’s themes, such as redemption, the weight of one’s choices, and the possibility of change in a corrupt and unjust society.

What was Perro’s Real Intention?

Perro was Sosa’s boss, and like the other lawyers in their line of work, he was also dishonest, greedy, and not very reliable. When Sosa begs him to let him work in peace, so he can save money and leave town, Perro sees a chance to take advantage of Sosa. He asks Sosa to bring him five powers of attorney documents in exchange. Unfortunately, things get out of control, and Sosa ends up killing Casal.

Perro once again used the situation to his advantage. He thought he could get something from Sosa. This time, he asked Sosa to give him the $560,000 he was going to receive as compensation, and in return, he promised Sosa his freedom. However, it was highly probable that he was going to hand Sosa over to the cops or kill him. Perro couldn’t take any chances, as Sosa had already made clear threats that’ll he’ll out their illegal business. 

Why did Sosa want to Leave town?

In the film, we see Sosa taking part in insurance fraud and staged car crashes. In his line of work, he often has to deal with violent criminals and gangsters. In a particular scenario, a group of hostile men approach Sosa and make it obvious to him that the repercussions of his actions will be severe. This explains that even he’s not safe from the dangers and risks his line of work offers. Furthermore, there are scenes in which we see Sosa contemplating his actions and the moral quandaries he faces.

These introspective lapses reflect his growing dissatisfaction with what he’s doing and his acceptance that he is trapped in a cycle of dishonesty. The story’s tension builds as it becomes clear that Sosa’s constant involvement in these illegal businesses not only puts his life in jeopardy but also has a bearing on people around him, particularly his blossoming relationship with Luján.

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