Carnival Eats Season 8: Premiere Date, Host, Recap, Update

What is a carnival without its many stalls that sell so many varieties of delicious food? Well, documenting the culinary experience of fairs and carnivals, ‘Carnival Eats lends an inside look into delish bites and mount-watering platters, gracing multiple street joints. It also introduces us to the quirky experts who curate these masterpieces and travelers who take delight in devouring them.

Originally a Canadian television series, ‘Carnival Eats’ is a food documentary that follows eating establishments at carnivals in Canada and the US. It takes viewers on a virtual ride through multiple state fairs and festivals as the host samples uncommon yet famed dishes exclusively found only on the “gastronomic freak shows”. It debuted on August 18, 2014, and airs on Food Network in Canada and on the Cooking Channel in America.

Carnival Eats Cast: Who is in it?

Food connoisseur, avid traveler, and thrill seeker, Noah Cappe hosts every episode of ‘Carnival Eats’. Constantly on road trips, he travels to the biggest and most popular carnivals to sample their best bites. Born in Toronto, Canada, he is a massive foodie. His first steps in the world of entertainment began in a musical theatre, which then progressed to film roles, TV appearances, commercials, and radio spots. Also a basketball and animal lover, he is extremely devoted to his mom.

Carnival Eats Plot: What is it about?

A culinary and cooking documentary, ‘Carnival Eats’ is centered around the contemporary gastronomic freak show that is the epicenter of carnivals. It takes you on a virtual, roller coaster ride across borders, to experience outrageous culinary delights. Across the episodes, you can see food in every type, shape, size, color, and flavor, curated especially for die-hard foodies and thrill maniacs!

Just like its predecessors, season 7 also follows Noah Cappe as he shortlists his venues that are showcased on the episodes. He decides to visit Pasco County Fair in Florida and for his mid-road snacks, he prepares bites such as onion ring Nacho supreme and Cosmic funnel cake. Next, he lands at Sights and Sounds of Christmas in San Marcos, Texas, and samples all the treats that this spot has to offer. We also witness him heading to Crystal River, Florida, where he attends the Florida Manatee Festival. Here, he samples the OMG Pretzel Bomb and the Fried King Cake. Another episode shows him traveling to the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair, where he stuffs himself with Cajun treats, such as the Cajun Boudin Taco and Pecan Pie Pop.

Noah Cappe then attends the festive spirit of the California Mid-Winter Fair and Fiesta. Here, he relishes on Seoul Dip, a mash-up of the traditional French dip with a Korean twist. Next, he takes a bite of the spice-filled Diablo Dog and a scoop of the extremely sweet Supreme Samoa doughnut stack. His subsequent destination is Nevada where he wants to get a whiff of Irish flavors at the Henderson St. Patrick’s Day Festival. Here, he gorges on the Blasted Irish Burger and the Leprechaun Mac. Other stops featured on the season include the Arkansas State Fair, Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair, Aurora Winter Festival in Toronto, and International Cherry Blossom Festival.

Season 8 sees Noah heading to to New York for the Long Island Fun Fest, Northern Wisconsin State Fair, Porter County Fair in northern Indiana, and Wisconsin State Fair.

Carnival Eats Season 8 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Carnival Eats’ Season 7 premiered on June 9, 2019. While the series showcases some of the most outrageous foods that might make you cringe, at first sight, it’s worth noting that nothing can beat their flavors. Whether layered with bacon or fried in gallons of oil, they are worth the calorie spike! Moreover, it highlights an important aspect of the colorful, chaotic culture of the US, namely carnivals. Hence, the show has constantly enjoyed a steady viewership, which primarily comprises foodies who are willing to try anything and everything.

‘Carnival Eats’ was renewed for another season soon after season 7. And this definitely does not comes as a surprise. Holding a rating of 7.9 on IMDB, it does not seem likely that it will go out of the grid too soon. ‘Carnival Eats’ season 8 is all set to release on September 15, 2019.

Carnival Eats Trailer:

Cooking Channel has not released a full-fledged official trailer for ‘Carnival Eats’ Season 8. However, you can head to their official site if you wish to catch up on its previous episodes and clips from the show.

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