Casey Neistat Net Worth

How much is Casey Neistat worth? $16 million

How did Casey Neistat earn his money and wealth?

Casey Neistat born march 25,1981 in New London, Connecticut, USA is a director, editor and cinematographer by profession. Most people know him as one of the most popular Vloggers on Youtube but he has been making videos even before youtube and is known for unique style of recording videos and editing. He’s a high school dropout and has washed dishes for money and lived in a trailer park but never quit his dream of filmmaking which made him move to New York city known to many as city of opportunities. Most of his work is tech related honest and humorous critique.

First time he attracted attention of people was when he released a video called “Ipods dirty secret” (2003).He highlighted the lack of battery replacement program for the product and the video went viral and was viewed six million times in only six weeks and was featured in several of the big channels like CBS, BBC, Fox and Washington post.

This video was part of an eight-episode television series called “The Neistat Brothers” which was later bought by HBO in 2008 for 2 million dollars.His way of communicating a message got very famous Since then he has directed several TV commercials for organizations like Mercedes, Google and NIKE. In July 2015 he launched an app called BEME which in 2017 was sold for twenty five million dollars to CNN.

Currently he has around 8.7 million subscribers and above 2 billion views in total, meaning if we were to playback the total screen time his videos have had it would take us more than a lifetime considering most videos are greater than five minutes in time. Quantifying the worth of youtube videos is not simple and is usually done with the help of artificial intelligence where bots decide the worth per view and what number of views should be monetized and what number shouldn’t be monetized. The process is a two way thing where marketing experts have their own bots who bid on videos that they want to their ads to show on but in the past few years Casey has demonetized his videos meaning he doesn’t allow ads on his videos which he has mentioned a few times that he himself hats ads on videos and does not want viewers of his videos to go through the same experience hence relying more on his partnership with CNN in which he has made commitment to work with them and on the doing video projects for organizations example CLA project done for Mercedes in which he basically made an ad but his blunt honesty and the ability to make it relatable for people earned him money and “makeitcount” project for NIKE in which he went on a world tour blatantly telling people he was given the budget for an ad but in his opinion this is how he can make it count.

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