Cat People Season 2: Everything We Know

People everywhere debate over whether cats are our friends. To put our doubts to rest, Netflix’s ‘Cat People’ explores our relationship with cats through a bunch of cat owners who love their distinctive feline friends. It challenges the notion that cats aren’t as lovable as dogs, who are considered more easygoing and social than their “purry” counterparts.

This docuseries attempts to familiarize people with the psychology that drives these misunderstood creatures. So if you found yourself warming up to the show, you might already be looking forward to the next season. In that case, cat lovers can find all the details about the second season of ‘Cat People’ here!

Cat People Season 2 Release Date

‘Cat People’ released in its entirety on July 7, 2021, on Netflix. It has six episodes in total, with each one having a runtime of 28-35 minutes. The show has been well-liked by audiences because of its intriguing premise and realistic portrayal of human-to-cat interactions.

If you’re curious about the next season, here’s what we know. Netflix has not disclosed any update about the show’s renewal status as of now. So it is still debatable whether ‘Cat People’ will have a second season. However, the creator and executive producer of this family-friendly docu-series, Glen Zipper, conceived another show called ‘Dogs’ in 2018, which created a stir on social media. He received tremendous appreciation from dog lovers and feedback from others who wanted him to create a show about cats.

Taking all of that into consideration, Zipper released the second season of ‘Dogs’ along with ‘Cat People’, hoping to appease both sides of the internet. Therefore, if ‘Cat People’ initiates a similar response as the inaugural season of ‘Dogs,’ we can totally expect the creators to renew the show. To actualize his vision of what ‘Cat People’ should look like, Glen Zipper additionally took help from Sandi Tan, who executive produces and directs the show.

As cats are inherently reticent creatures, it was challenging to capture them on the lens. So, Zipper emphasized more on the people who love cats while ensuring that it stayed true to its premise. Even if they were not as cooperative as humans, the cats shortlisted were given ample screen space, hoping to widen everyone’s perspective about these mysterious creatures. Moreover, the delirious effects of the pandemic significantly disrupted the relationship between human beings and animals.

Zipper disclosed that he was aware of how people consequently stopped adopting pets and became overly cautious about letting animals inside their homes. He further said, “Certainly when we saw the animal shelters emptying out, we spitballed about what we might be able to do around that (in an episode).” However, they refrained from including the last part opting to keep the show light-hearted, although this approach to filming can subtly influence viewers to start adopting again.

According to Zipper, his team is always ready to do whatever they can to support animals and motivate people to do the same. And what better way to do that than rolling out another edition of this extremely feel-good docuseries. Hence, if the network greenlights the show, it’ll take a few months until the filming starts and wraps up. Besides, Netflix usually discloses release updates for a show around a month prior to the date of its premiere. Considering that, we can expect ‘Cat People’ season 2 to release sometime in 2022.

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