Catfish: The TV Show S08 E05: Everything We Know

Catfish: The TV Show‘ stems from the 2010 movie, ‘Catfish’. The term itself means impersonating someone online, in order to get others to fall for you. Currently, on Season 8, the television show has seen some ups and downs, including a now-dismissed, sexual misconduct allegation against the host, Nev Schulman.

The previous episode shows a woman claiming to be a long-lost sister, which eventually leads to the first-ever DNA test in the show’s history. Naturally, you might be curious about what goes down in the current episode. We are here to tell you that after walking you through when and where to watch the upcoming episode.

When is Catfish Season 8 Episode 5 Release Date?

‘Catfish: The TV Show’ Season 8 Episode 5 is slated to release on Wednesday, February 5, 2020, at 8/7c, on MTV.

Titled “Joseph and Sabrina”, the upcoming episode sees Joseph sending Sabrina all his love and money. However, the sister does not buy it, and Nev is called in to get to the bottom of the situation.

Where to Stream Catfish Season 8 Episode 5 Online?

‘Catfish: The TV Show’ is an MTV reality series, meaning that the simplest way to watch it, is with a cable subscription. Naturally, you might not have cable, in which case, you can head to the MTV site and stream the episodes.

Since cord-cutters are on the rise, several provisions have been made for them as well. After all, they are making up an increasing section of the viewer base. Options like Fubo TVDirecTvPhilo Tv, and Sling Tv, will allow cord-cutters to stream and watch the latest episodes of ‘Catfish: The TV Show’. Some of the platforms even offer free trial periods before charging for their services.

Hulu subscribers simply have to add MTV to their existing packs, in order to stream all the channel’s content, including the show. The MTV pack costs $5.99 a month. Viewers can also head to Amazon Prime if they so wish. Although the platform does not have the show, as is, you can always buy and stream the episodes, or purchase the entire season, and watch the episodes as they drop.

Catfish Season 8 Episode 4 Recap:

Episode 4 begins with Nev receiving a text about a possible catfishing incident. He calls Jesus, who is actually talking to a catfish, and has received a similar message. Jesus, who is based out of San Antonio, appears to love this catfish a lot.

He has tried to meet up, and have video chats, all of which have been canceled. The catfish has also asked Jesus for money, but he did not have any to give away. As we get to know about Jesus a bit more, we understand he was in foster care and faced abuse.

Nev and Kamie are on the case and find several profiles linked to one email account. The profiles belong to Alexis, Nikki, Nicole, among others. The duo tries to track her down to a park, but nobody shows up. A meeting is then set up. All this while, Jesus is increasingly troubled, by how the events play out.

They meet the mysterious person who has been texting them, and it is Baby A or Amanda. She says that one scam artist is at the root of all fake profiles Jesus has been interacting with. Amanda reached out because this scam artist has been using pictures of her children to fool people, online.

Finally, they get a text to meet at an apartment. Jesus goes in, as does Kamie. The woman freaks out upon seeing the latter, and the episode ends with Jesus reconciling that this has been a professional scam artist catfishing him.

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