Celebrity Season 2: Renewal Possibilities Explored

Netflix’s ‘Celebrity,’ a South Korean drama show directed by Cheol-gyu Kim, revolves around Seo Ah-ri, a regular office worker turned e-celebrity who challenges the status quo and pays the price for it. After accidentally falling into the world of influencers, she realizes the dark secrets that lie within, alongside fame and success. Antagonized by a group of influencers dubbed “The Gabin Society,” Ah-ri steadily rises through the ranks and becomes the most influential person in town. However, after taking a hit, she decides to uncover the reality behind social media celebrities through an exposé Instagram live stream.

Chronicling the rise and fall of Seo Ah-ri’s infamous career, this fashion-centric show depicts the pitfalls of celebrity culture and criticizes the privilege of high society. To do so, the show equips catty socialite characters and delivers entertainment while remaining socially relevant. As such, fans of the show must be curious to know about a potential continuation of the series. If so, here is everything we know about it!

Will There Be a Celebrity Season 2?

Released on June 30, 2023, in multiple countries across the globe, Netflix’s ‘Celebrity’ has twelve episodes with an average runtime of about 40 to 50 minutes. Since its release, the show has received mostly positive reviews from viewers and is quickly gaining attention within K-Drama fan circles. Nevertheless, Netflix or other production companies involved in the show have yet to announce its renewal officially.

The first season ends with satisfying retribution delivered to the antagonists and a neat bow tied around Ah-ri’s character arc and storyline. Still, regardless of the conclusive ending, the show leaves plenty of other narratives to be explored within the universe. Yoon Shi-hyeon and Jin Tae-jeon’s contentious marriage and the outcome of their likely future divorce could be an entertaining thread to follow in a second season.

On the other hand, should the show gravitate toward bringing new characters for a new season, they may build a fresh narrative around Jun-Ho Lee’s mystery character. Jun-Ho Lee, best known as a K-Pop artist from the boy group 2PM, appears for a brief cameo towards the end of the first season. Due to his popularity and experience in acting, it is possible that the showrunners may plan a more prominent role for him in the next season.

Lastly, there is always more to explore within Ah-ri’s story after she leaves the influencer industry behind. Although it is unlikely that the show will change directions entirely and follow Ah-ri in her regular life, there is always a chance that she could be roped back into the celeb world of decadence and drama. In any case, fans will enjoy a more in-depth exploration of the relationship between Ah-ri and Jun-kyung and learn more about their pasts. As such, viewers can be sure that whatever path a second season goes down, it will likely be full of drama and revolve around the scandalous lives of high society.

At the end of the day, the decision to greenlight another season will come down to the show’s performance and its ratings. Since the show is backed by multiple critically acclaimed talent like director Cheol-gyu Kim and lead actress Park Gyuyoung, it will probably garner some helpful fanfare from the same. Additionally, fans will be happy to know one of the production companies behind the show Studio Dragon released new seasons of ‘Shadow Detective’ and ‘Sweet Home‘ on Netflix last year.

As such, the studio is undoubtedly in the business of listening to the fans and delivering. Keeping all that in mind, if a second season gets greenlit soon and filming finishes in the same timeframe as season one, fans can expect season two to arrive sometime in early 2025.

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