Central Park Episode 4: Release & Streaming Details

‘Central Park’ is an animated comedy and a wonderful musical that makes us think about current issues with its fact-driven storyline. The main plot of season 1 follows the evil and wealthy Bitsy Brandenham as she plans to destroy the park and build condominiums in its place. But she is stopped by the Tillerman family, who will do anything to foil her schemes. Last week, we saw Paige finding out that the Park League would no more be funding Central Park. And this week, we witness more of Bitsy’s sly nature. Now, if you have already watched the second part, read on to know everything about the next episode.

Central Park Episode 4 Release Date

‘Central Park’ Episode 4 is slated to release on June 12, 2020, at 3 am ET or Apple TV+. It is called ‘Garbage Ballet’. The first season consists of a total of 13 episodes.

Where to Watch Central Park Episode 4 Online?

Sadly, it is highly unlikely that we will get ‘Central Park’ on Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video. Live-streaming options are also limited. ‘Central Park’ airs exclusively only on Apple TV+. So the only way out is to subscribe to the platform. On a good note, Apple TV+ gives a seven-day free trial. You can watch shows on the service through the Apple TV+ app or Roku. Once the free trial is over, the subscription will cost you $4.99 per month. Apple TV+ can be accessed via desktops, Apple TV, smartphones, or computers.

Central Park Episode 3 Recap

The third episode is titled ‘Hat Luncheon’. In episode 3, Birdie reveals before everyone that the upcoming Hat Luncheon will see all the prominent people in Central Park. Owen is assigned the responsibility of delivering a speech while presenting the golden rake to a long-time employee. Paige investigates the reason behind Leo Shallenhammer, the single Park League member, having voted against the park’s funding. She visits a spa to hold an interview and get further details. Here, she learns that Mayor Whitney Whitebottom had influenced Leo’s decision.

Meanwhile, Bitsy is preparing for the luncheon and somehow, ends up turning the politicians and socialites against each other. Owen prepares for his speech and is nervous. Cole aids Molly in speaking with Brendan — who says that he will get the icecream from the event. Here, we also learn that Bisty is Brendan’s aunt. But when Molly kisses Brendan, he gets an allergic reaction since he is sensitive to peanuts. The politicians and socialites enter a major altercation while Paige presses the mayor for answers and he flees. Owen’s speech is a success.

The mayor is determined to destroy the park’s garbage system, as per Bitsy’s plans. The scheme is, when the garbage is not emptied, the debris will pile up inside the park, causing rodent infestation. He orders the sanitation unit to not take garbage from the park. Owen devises a new waste disposal system and things are finally sorted — for now. But it is clear that Bitsy is hellbent in furthering her goals and will go to any lengths to achieve them.

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