Central Park Season 2 Episode 5: What to Expect?

In ‘Central Park’ season 2 episode 4, Owen tries to find his childhood favorite Dr. Ward Whitlinger, who has retired from giving inspirational speeches and life, in general. There is an annual school field trip coming up, and Owen desperately needs his idol/mentor to be a part of it. The kids, on the other hand, attend an indoor kite flying competition. If you’re not in tune with the latest developments in the show, the recap section has you covered. Now, here is everything we know about ‘Central Park’ season 2, episode 5!

Central Park Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date

‘Central Park’ season 2 episode 5 will premiere on July 9, 2021, at 12 am ET on Apple TV+. Each episode of the second season has a runtime of approximately 30 minutes.

Where to Watch Central Park Season 2 Episode 5 Online?

As of now, ‘Central Park’ is exclusively available on Apple TV+. So if you’re an existing subscriber, you can access the episodes on the streamer. Otherwise, you can utilize the seven-day trial period provided by the platform, after which you can become an active member for $4.99 per month. You can access the show through the Apple TV+ app or Roku.

Central Park Season 2 Episode 5 Spoilers

The fifth episode of ‘Central Park’s season 2 is titled ‘Down to the Underwire.’ The next episode will follow Molly hilariously taking her father Owen’s help in shopping for new underwear. Paige’s absence in this matter might prove to be difficult for Owen, who is not well-equipped with handling girl problems. In the meantime, Helen will find the perfect opportunity to gauge whether she is a part of Bitsy’s will. So we can expect sneaky behavior from her in episode 5.

Central Park Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode of ‘Central Park’ season 2 is titled ‘Of Course, You Realize This Means Ward.’ In the episode, Owen prepares for a multi-school annual field trip, a significant event in his life. But his childhood mentor and idol, Dr. Ward Whitlinger, has gone off the radar, and according to Owen, the trip will be a failure in his absence. So Paige uses her exceptional stalking skills to catch hold of the man, which successfully averts the crisis.

Elsewhere, Cole tags along with Molly to witness an indoor kite flying competition where Brendan is participating. Cole believes that a good presentation besides exemplary kite-flying skills could earn him more points. Hence, he convinces Molly to help him create a compelling choreography and a fashionable costume for Brendan. On the other hand, Bitsy has set her mind on jotting down a memoir containing her family history, including three pet dogs that she used to play with. But she doesn’t remember their names anymore, which frustrates her and pushes her to call her brother, who is single-handedly writing his own memoir. Bitsy takes that as a challenge, resolving to come up with a better sketch. But when both manuscripts get rejected, Bitsy still insists that hers is better, and the publisher also confirms the same.

However, on her way back home, Bitsy realizes that she had just been trying to appease her father by being the better child. Dr. Whitlinger finally returns but unfortunately, as a nihilist who has lost hope in the order of nature. Having no other option, Owen takes the stage and inspires the kids to dream of a better world. Brendan gets nervous before his performance because of the complexity of his new choreography. Molly reassures him that she supports him no matter what, and Brendan comes out in his space matador costume. He ends up discarding the new routine but leaves the attire on as his name is finally announced.

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