Central Park Season 2: Everything We Know

‘Central Park’ is an animated musical sitcom that follows the Tillerman-Hunter family that lives at an old mansion called Edendale Castle in Central Park in New York City. It revolves around their endeavor to save the park from being developed into condominiums and retail spaces by a greedy entrepreneur, Bitsy Brandenham. Created by Josh Gad, Nora Smith, and Loren Bouchard, it has gathered a solid fan base ever since it first aired in May 2020. The popular show has already got people eagerly waiting for the next season. Here is all that you need to know about season 2!

Central Park Season 2 Release Date

‘Central Park’ season 1 premiered on May 29, 2020, on Apple TV+ with the season wrapping up on July 24, 2020. Season 1 consists of ten episodes with a runtime of 22-26 minutes each.

In March 2018, Apple TV+ had signed a deal with the creators for two seasons with twenty-six episodes in entirety, so we know that we will be watching the second season for sure. The question remains when? Although the creators have had enough time to work on season 2, the pandemic has affected the industry as a whole. However, if everything goes well, we can expect ‘Central Park’ season 2 to release sometime in 2021.

Central Park Season 2 Cast: Who is in it?

Leslie Odom Jr. voices the character of Owen, the patriarch of the Tillerman-Hunter family, while his wife Paige Hunter (Kathryn Hahn) is a journalist and mother to Molly (Kristen Bell) and Cole Tillerman (Tituss Burgess). Josh Gad lends his voice to Birdie, who narrates the story. Other notable names that feature in the series are Stanley Tucci as Bitsy Brandenham, Daveed Diggs as Helen, and Eugene Cordero as Brendan Brandenham.

Season 2 will see a notable change as far as Molly Tillerman is concerned since Kristen Bell will no longer be voicing the character. In the wake of debates regarding white people voicing characters of color, Bell will be voicing a new main character who will be introduced in season 2. Instead, Emmy Raver-Lampman will be stepping in to voice Molly Tillerman in season 2. The rest of the main cast members will return for the next season, with some possible exceptions and new additions.

Central Park Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

Season 1 sees Bitsy Brandenham trying everything in her power to sabotage Central Park so she can buy it to profit from it. The Tillerman-Hunter family manage to avert many disasters, as a result getting in Bitsy’s way. The final episode sees a snakehead fish posing a threat to the ecosystem of the park. At this point, Bitsy also learns that she is widely unpopular in the city and tries to use the situation to her advantage by taking responsibility for the situation and saving the day.

She sends Dick Flake, a fishing expert, to catch the fish. But his insincerity does not go unnoticed by Paige, who realizes that he just bought the fish from the market, and the real snakehead fish is still out there. Ultimately, the family catches the fish, and Paige writes about the incident, exposing the truth about Bitsy and Dick Flake. The Tillerman-Hunter family saves the day once again but has not seen the last of Bitsy, who is determined to get what she wants.

Season 2 will see what other tricks Bitsy has up her sleeves. She is not alone in eyeing Central Park since her influential friends want a piece of the action too. How long will the Tillerman-Hunter family be able to protect the park as powerful forces start to collaborate? The new season will introduce a new character in the main role for Kristen Bell to lend her voice to.

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