Charmed Season 3 Episode 8: What to Expect

The latest episode of ‘Charmed’ season 3 challenges the Charmed Ones as they enter a new world that they do not know anything about. The place, called the Tomb of Chaos, is more or less a prison that manipulates its prisoners’ memories. For more details, you can take a look at the recap section at the bottom. But first, let us check out what the next episode, ‘Charmed’ season 3 episode 8, has in store!

Charmed Season 3 Episode 8 Release Date

‘Charmed’ season 3 episode 8 is set to premiere on March 28, 2021, at 9 pm ET on The CW. You can expect new episodes to drop every Sunday on the network.

Where To Stream Charmed Season 3 Episode 8 Online?

Fans of the show can watch ‘Charmed’ season 3 episode 8 by tuning into The CW at the aforementioned timeslot. New episodes are also available on The CW’s official website and The CW App a day after their premiere on The CW. For those of you who do not prefer watching TV, you can live stream the show on websites such as Fubo TV, DirecTV, and YouTube TV. You can also decide to purchase or rent new episodes of the show on VOD platforms Amazon Prime Video or iTunes.

Charmed Season 3 Episode 8 Spoilers

‘Charmed’ season 3 episode 8 is titled ’99 Problems, But A Witch Ain’t 1,’ where Macy will reel from an encounter with the Shea Group, and Maggie is going to use her psych background to get to the bottom of it. Harry and Mel must detangle an ancient feud. You can check out the teaser for the episode below!

Charmed Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

‘Charmed’ season 3 episode 7 is called ‘Witch Way Out.’ The sisters step into the Tomb of Chaos, which is a caged world filled with monsters. The entire place is designed to enrage its prisoners. Maggie finds herself in utter distress because she is the first person to enter the place. Four hours feel like forty-two hours. During their time trapped in the prison world, the sisters also learn more about the dangers surrounding them by surviving this chaotic ordeal.

But the girls manage to escape. They also create a passage between the two dimensions, but they still don’t know who the creator of the world is. Macy and Mel are also dealing with problems in their respective workplaces while Maggie is trying to decipher the premonition she had of Antonio. Macy finally reaches a conclusion regarding her decision to add a nonprofit legal clinic.

The Charmed Ones are now deeply invested in exploring the prison world of monsters, and now that they’ve managed to free the demons trapped in Tomb of Chaos, its proprietor might show up to threaten the sisters. They must now find a way to keep themselves safe and the origins of the magical fifth dimension secret.