Will There be a Cheer Season 2?

Cheer season 1

Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ documents the activities of the ambitious cheer squad of Navarro College as they tackle the ebbs and flows, on their way to win the much-desired National Championship. Emmy Nominated director Greg Whiteley serves as the writer, director, and executive producer of the show. He is well-known for creating the football documentary ‘Last Chance U.’

Talking about Cheer, Whitely told Deadline, “ …Cheer is as much about cheerleading as Last Chance U is about football. Which is to say, it has cheerleading in it. A lot of cheerleading. But the most poignant moments are the ones that happen away from practice.”

He further added, “A college cheerleader wrestles with the same issues any young person in college has to deal with, what our series shows is that off the mat issues can’t help but bleed onto the mat. Showing the poetry between the exactness of their routines juxtaposed with the intricacies of their personal lives produces my favorite moments in the series and I’m excited for viewers to experience the gritty but beautiful world of Navarro College Cheer.”

What is Cheer about?

‘Cheer’ follows the unusually dominant Cheerleading squad at Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas, as they embark on a mission to win the National Championship of Cheerleading.

The documentary showcases the behind-the-scenes action and drama, involved in the preparation, that leads the squad to the epic finale. It features interviews of the members of the team, wherein they narrate the first-hand experience, and other stories revolving around their personal lives, family, coach, sacrifice, professional setbacks, training difficulties, last-minute anxiety, and the ultimate triumph. The competition only lasts for 2 minutes and 15 seconds, but the members give it their all, as it is a matter of respect, from their families, friends and loved ones.

Cheerleading is still not widely accepted in our society, and it is tough to explain to the traditional lot, the relevance of pursuing it. Some of the kids belong to broken families or suffer from the trauma inflicted by their people, who have trouble looking at the sport with the same eyes, as them.

For the uninitiated, The Navarro College Cheer Team (also known as NC Cheer Team) is a co-ed Cheerleading squad comprising 24 male and 14 female athletes. They cheer at all the home Volleyball (Women), Basketball (Men), and Football matches.

Here’s what makes the NC Cheer Team so unique, that Netflix decided to commission a show on it: Under the leadership of Cheerleading veteran Monica Aldama, the NC Cheer Team has claimed 14 Junior College National Championship Titles – from the year 2000, and 5 Grand National Titles since 2012. The college boasts the record of having the highest score ever at NCA College Nationals.

Cheer Cast: Who is in It?

Since it is a documentary drama, all the characters play themselves. Head coach Monica Aldama guides the Cheer Team to victory by training them with utmost discipline and sincerity. Her students call her ‘The Queen,’ crediting her for all the wins, but Aldama never desires the spotlight. A head coach for over 24 years, Aldama has set a standard at Navarro, which is very difficult for the college level cheer teams, to achieve.

Joining Aldama, is a list of talented athletes from the Cheer Team: Keegan Baker, Terrell Barker, Ryan Bartley, Fernando Beltran, Alex Bouhuys, Dillon Brandt, Maddy Brum, Riley Denler, Denver Doan, Cassadee Dunlap, Tayler Figo, Faith Gatlin, Macee Harden, TJ Hellman, Will Hernandez, Justin Hinsley, Ty Johnson, Jay Kendrick, Grant Lockaby, Hunter Mancino, Anothony Michilizzi, Brooke Morosca, Corbin Morris, Dawson Nickelson, Allie Ross, Gillian Rupert, Mitchell Ryan, Baillee Schiff, Cameron Schultz, Morgan Simianer, Brison Smith, Payton Sykes, Allee Teague, James Thomas, Christian Trahan, Jericho Ware, Kassidy Warnol, Shannon Woolsey, and Ashleee Sawai

Cheer Season 2 Release Date: When will it Premiere?

‘Cheer’ season 1 premiered on Netflix on January 8, 2020.

As far as the next season goes, here’s what we know. Whiteley’s Last Chance U, which follows the same structure as ‘Cheer’, has seen a total of four seasons till now. During the course of four seasons it has followed two college football teams. There’s a good chance that ‘Cheer’ might also follow the same approach where the makers revisit the same cheerleading team next year. If it does get renewed, you can expect ‘Cheer’ season 2 to release sometime in January 2021.

Cheer Trailer

You can check out the inspiring trailer of ‘Cheer’ season 1 here!

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