Chef Boy Bonez From AGT: Everything We Know

Widening of the eyes is a natural phenomenon when we are surprised or scared. However, there is a bizarre category of people who can make their eyes pop — I mean right out of the socket! Well, one such performer who managed to send shockwaves with his insane eye-popping skills is Chef Boy Bonez. He graced the stage of the 15th outing of ‘America’s Got Talent’ and left the judges stunned with his ridiculous eye-bulging talent. Do you wish to know more about this legend? Read on!

Chef Boy Bonez Nationality: Where is He From? Who is in His Family?

Bonez is a resident of Hollywood, Los Angeles and he is often referred to as the Hollywood Eye Popper. From the limited information that is available, we do know that the US native is particularly close to his mother — Theresa Jackson, who works as a traveling wellness nurse. In a heartwarming message that he wrote for his mother on her 60th birthday, he describes her as his superhero. This is what he captioned the post with:

“You have been my superhero and will always be Anytime I feel like I am on a wrong path, all I do is think about all you’ve taught me. Your words of encouragement make me push further and give me hope. I’m happy to call you my mother. #happy60thbirthday and many more to Come to love ya to the moon and back.”

In his family, Bonez also has his dad and siblings. Since the star does not post much about his personal life on social media, we are yet to know about their exact details.

Chef Boy Bonez: Age And Career

Apparently, in his late 20s, Bonez is a professional eye-popper. The social media influencer has a huge fan base on Instagram. He is also present on YouTube and TikTok. Bonez first experimented with eye-popping in high school when everyone freaked out after his weird demonstration. Currently, he is on his goal of setting the world record for the furthest eye bulge. He never shies down from participating in a challenge and this is the sole reason, he decided to audition on the stage of AGT.

Bonez additionally has collaborated with several commercial brands and has featured in many music videos with upcoming and established stars.

You can check out several of his singles and tracks on Spotify. Here‘s one of his numbers, composed in collaboration with Wakko The Kidd. Apart from his music and eye-bulging skills, Bonez is quite active in the gym. He is a fitness addict and also a lover of tattoos plus jewelry.

Chef Boy Bonez Prediction: How Far Will He Go?

Chef Boy Bonez enjoys pranking anyone with his rare gift of eye-popping. And he is hell-bent on being the next record holder. Currently, Kim Goodman, who is able to pop her eyes out of her sockets by 12 millimeters holds the world record for the farthest eyeball protrusion. Will Bonez give her a tough competition? We definitely think so! [Feature Image Courtesy: Instagram, Chef Boy Bonez].

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