Chicago Fire S08 E18: Everything We Know

Chicago Fire’s eighth season returned this week with episode 18 that landed on March 18, 2020, following a brief break of two weeks. In the episode, Firehouse 51 handles a couple of challenging tasks as usual but things get personal in one particular incident. When a lady calls in Child Services to separate a child from his mum (who uses a wheelchair), the team gets together to reunite them.

Now, if you have not seen the episode yet, you can get a quick glimpse of it in our recap section. Otherwise, get ready for the next week. Read on to know how and where you can watch ‘Chicago Fire’ season 8 episode 18.

Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 18 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Chicago Fire’ Season 8 Episode 18 is titled ‘I’ll Cover You’. It will release on March 25, 2020, Wednesday, on NBC at 9 pm EST/8 pm CST.

Here’s how the synopsis goes for the upcoming episode: “Lt. Severide teams up with Seager and the OFI when a motel structure fire turns suspicious. Firehouse 51 members become amateur sleuths following a Reddit post involving one of their own. Brett continues to get invested in her birth mother, Julie.”

You can also watch its promo clip below:

Where to Watch Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 18 Online?

In order to be among the first viewers to catch the latest episodes as soon as they are released, tune in to NBC at the above time slot and you can watch the entire season with a cable subscription.

Additionally, online fanatics can watch the episodes on NBC’s official website. Other options include live-streaming the season on Fubo, DirectTV, and YouTube TV. You can also catch previous episodes on Hulu or buy them on Amazon Prime Video.

Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 17 Recap:

The 17th episode of Chicago Fire season 8 features multiple emergency cases and their successful resolutions by the heroic Firehouse 51 team. However, the focus of the week should be on the rescue mission headed by Captain Matthew Casey and Blake Gallo. What happens is, a fire breaks out in an apartment. Casey and Gallo rush inside and see a woman, Jenny, by the staircase with her wheelchair overturned. She says that her son Noah is trapped upstairs and she is unable to fetch him.

The duo rushes up the stairs and finds Noah hidden in a corner. They are able to convince him to come out, and finally, both mom and child are safe. But a neighbor informs the officers that Jenny is unfit to be a mother. She even later calls Child Services to take the child away from Jenny. A frustrated Casey seeks Gallo and Chief Wallace Boden’s help to reverse the case. However, DCFS does take Noah away.

Casey and Gallo, in order to get to the truth, visit the neighbor, who reveals that Jenny lets the roots of her trees grow into her boundary and hence, believes the mother is incapable of caring for her son. Casey then meets up with the DCFS officer and explains how it had affected him when his own child was separated from him years ago. Ultimately, the authorities are convinced and Noah is allowed to return to Jenny.

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