Will There be a Chico Bon Bon Season 5?

‘Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt’ is a kids’ animated web television series that airs on Netflix. Based on the eponymous illustrated book series by Chris Monroe, the story follows the super-resourceful monkey, Chico Bon Bon, and his buddies, Tiny the mouse, Clark the elephant, and Rainbow Thunder the daredevil cat — as they solve issues faced by the people of Blunderburg.

Armed with mechanical know-how, engineering smarts, and the epic Fixed-It Force, there is nothing that Chico cannot solve! He even uses STEM concepts. No doubt, with such an educational yet entertaining concept, the series is one of the most beloved tot-centric titles on the streamer. Four seasons in and counting, let us now get into the details of its fifth edition!

Chico Bon Bon Season 5 Release Date:

‘Chico Bon Bon’ season 4 released on October 27, 2020, on Netflix. It consisted of eight 14-minute episodes. When the series was originally commissioned by the streamer, it was ordered for a total of 4o episodes. And Netflix has released 38 episodes to date (segmented into three seasons of 10 episodes each and one season of eight episodes).

The two remaining episodes from the initial order might get incorporated into the fifth edition — which is yet to be given a go-ahead. But noting the positive response, we are sure that the new season will be announced soon. In all probability, ‘Chico Bon Bon’ season 5 will premiere sometime in 2021. On a good note, a holiday special, ‘Chico Bon Bon and a Very Berry Holiday’ will release on December 3, 2020.

Chico Bon Bon Season 5 Cast: Who Can be in it?

Chico Bon Bon, the titular protagonist, is voiced by Robbie Daymond. Chico is an energetic monkey who can be recognized because of his signature get-up — a sweatband, a pair of sneakers, and his iconic tool belt. The smart Chico leads the Fix-it Force crew but, maybe, because he is always so occupied, he often forgets things and loses track of events. He is well-versed in several engineering concepts and tools.

Rainbow Thunder, the cat in the white bodysuit, is Chico’s friend. She is voiced by Dayci Brookshire. Rainbow happens to be the main driver for the Fix-it Force and she operates Tool Force 1 and Glittercycle. She is the one who describes the STEM concepts used in each episode. Clark (voiced by Anthony Tedesco) is the gentle giant of an elephant in the red and white tracksuit. Clark is a math and science expert.

Winding up the lead roster of characters is Tiny, the mini mouse who is also a member of the Fix-it Force. She is well-versed in the skills of martial arts. In season 5, the entire roster of lead characters and their respective voiceover stars will make a return.

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