Choose Love 2: Will There be a Sequel?

Directed by Stuart McDonald, Netflix’s ‘Choose Love’ is a romantic comedy movie with an interactive touch. It focuses on Cami Conway, a young woman concerned about her life, especially her romance with her boyfriend, Paul. Cami’s life is stirred when two more suitors enter and offer Cami a completely fresh experience. Given the fun choices and twists that follow after viewers aid Cami in navigating the confusion in her life, there must be some expectation of a follow-up installment. If you enjoyed the movie and seek updates about the possibility of a sequel, here is everything we know about ‘Choose Love 2.’

Will Choose Love 2 Happen?

‘Choose Love’ was released on August 31, 2023, on Netflix. The interactive movie has a total runtime of a hundred and seven minutes and features several different endings depending on the viewer’s choices. The film received generally mixed reviews from critics who praised its inventive format but criticized the plot for overdone rom-com cliches. The plot follows the story of Cami Conway, a woman struggling to find fulfillment in the confusion of her 20s.

The film’s different endings attempt to deliver a happy ending to Cami’s story as she and viewers go through several different scenarios. While all the endings result in the conclusion of Cami’s story, none of them provide a complete resolution to her character arc. As a result, there is some room for Cami’s story to continue in a potential sequel. Presently, there is no confirmation of a sequel to the film, as Netflix has yet to make any official announcements. Moreover, the movie’s creative team has yet to comment on the possibility of a second installment.

The chances of a sequel will depend upon the film’s audience reception. If the movie exceeds Netflix’s viewership expectations, a second installment could be greenlit in the coming months. However, given the relatively limited success of Netflix’s previous interactive projects, the chances of the film receiving a sequel appear bleak. Netflix has produced interactive films such as ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,’ ‘You vs. Wild,’ and ‘Escape the Undertaker,’ but none have received a follow-up installment as of now. Therefore, ‘Choose Love’ could also be a one-and-done project for the streaming giant.

Nonetheless, if a sequel does materialize, it will only start production after the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes resolve. ‘Choose Love’ was announced in March 2022 before it was released in August 2023. Assuming everything works out and a sequel does materialize, a similar turnaround time of roughly eighteen months can be expected for the prospective second installment. Hence, viewers can expect to see ‘Choose Love 2’ release in February 2025, at the earliest.

‘Choose Love’ stars Laura Marano (Cami), Avan Jogia (Rex), Jordi Webber (Jack), and Scott Michael Foster (Paul) in the lead roles. Among the main cast, only Marano will likely reprise her role for the potential sequel. However, it is likely that the makers decide to focus on new characters for the second installment, allowing Marano and others to return for the sequel in fresh roles. It is also possible that the makers decide to go with an entirely new cast and characters for the second part.

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