Chrisley Knows Best Season 8 Episode 16: What’s In Store?

CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST -- "Mannequin Challenge" Episode 505 -- Pictured: (l-r) Julie Chrisley, Faye Chrisley, Savannah Chrisley, Todd Chrisley, Lindsie Chrisley -- (Photo by: Cythina Hicks/USA Network)

The latest episode of ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ season 8 is called ‘Chrisley Knows Best’. Aptly titled, the episode follows Todd who hires Elliott as an assistant and this makes Chase highly uncomfortable. What is more? Faye launches a full-fledged war against critters. More on that later. Let us now check out the details of the show’s next part.

Chrisley Knows Best Season 8 Episode 16 Release Date

‘Chrisley Knows Best’ season 8 episode 16 is slated to premiere on Thursday, December 17, 2020, at 10 pm ET/ PT and 9 pm CT on USA Network.

Where to Watch Chrisley Knows Best Season 8 Episode 16 Online?

‘Chrisley Knows Best’ releases one episode every Thursday night at 10 pm ET. To catch up on the episodes, simply subscribe to the USA Network with the help of a cable subscription. Otherwise,  you can also watch the series online on USA Network’s official website. If you don’t have an active cable subscription, you can resort to multiple live-streaming platforms. Some of the popular services are Fubo TVDirecTV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. Episodes are additionally available for rent on Amazon Prime Video. The show is also streaming on Peacock TV.

Chrisley Knows Best Season 8 Episode 16 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is interestingly called ‘Odd Savannah Out’, and here is its official synopsis as outlined by the USA Network: “Grayson grapples with being the perfect son; Savannah feels left out of the Chase & Nanny Faye duo.” You can additionally watch its preview here.

Chrisley Knows Best Season 8 Episode 15 Recap:

Elliott Kennedy, Chase Chrisley’s BFF has always put in his best efforts to prove himself to be worthy of the Chrisley household. However, Todd thinks that Elliott is coming too close and is growing wary of his strange behavior. For instance, Todd is annoyed when Elliott compliments his wife Julie Chrisley. Elliott says that Julie’s skin looks extremely nice and she smells too good. Of course, Todd gets uncomfortable with another man speaking so many good things about his wife.

In a confessional, Todd reveals that he wants to get rid of Elliott. But he does not wish to get his hands dirty. Therefore, he seeks Chase’s help. But Chase replies: “You made the bed, now you must lay in it.” Later, Todd makes up his mind to convey the message to Elliott himself. He tells Elliot that his services are no more needed. Meanwhile, Julie makes pudding to smoothen the situation. Finally, when Todd informs Elliott that he would be more helpful elsewhere, Chase interferes and shouts: “You’re fired.” Todd tries to pacify the situation by explaining that Elliott’s behavior has been quite weird lately. But Elliott takes the news well. He has faced this situation before when he had been fired from the position of the manager earlier because he could not secure any acting gigs for Chase.

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