Chrisley Knows Best Season 8 Episode 17: What’s In Store?

CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST -- "Mannequin Challenge" Episode 505 -- Pictured: (l-r) Julie Chrisley, Faye Chrisley, Savannah Chrisley, Todd Chrisley, Lindsie Chrisley -- (Photo by: Cythina Hicks/USA Network)

The latest episode of ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ season 8 is called ‘Odd Savannah Out’. Aptly titled, the episode follows Savannah who decides to take Chase and Nanny Faye on a hike. But she soon starts feeling that she is the odd one out among the trio. What is more? Grayson struggles with being the perfect son. More on that later. Let us now check out the details of the show’s next part.

Chrisley Knows Best Season 8 Episode 17 Release Date

‘Chrisley Knows Best’ season 8 episode 17 is slated to premiere on Thursday, January 21, 2021, at 10 pm ET/ PT and 9 pm CT on USA Network.

Where to Watch Chrisley Knows Best Season 8 Episode 17 Online?

Following its return, ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ should release one episode every Thursday night at 10 pm ET. To catch up on the episodes, simply subscribe to the USA Network with the help of a cable subscription. Otherwise,  you can also watch the series online on USA Network’s official website. If you don’t have an active cable subscription, you can resort to multiple live-streaming platforms. Some of the popular services are Fubo TVDirecTV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. Episodes are additionally available for rent on Amazon Prime Video. The show is also streaming on Peacock TV.

Chrisley Knows Best Season 8 Episode 16 Recap

The wilderness is not for everyone and at least, not for Chase Chrisley and Nanny Faye. The duo does not like anything outdoorsy but yet they accompany Savannah Chrisley for a hike. The two meet Savannah in the woods. Nanny Faye has got the right headgear and she has even filled her bags with donuts. She tells her granddaughter: “They were so good! We started out with getting you one but we ate it.” Eventually, the trio enters the woods. In a confessional, Savannah says: “I know you think I’m boring but just wait, this hike that I have planned for us is so fun.” She wants her granny and brother to appreciate the outdoors more since they are more indoors people.

Chase replies back: “So let me get this straight, you want us to change who we are to accommodate you?. Strike one.” As the trek progresses, Chase regrets his choice of eating three bear claws. We also see Nanny Faye checking out trees and bushes for snakes by poking them with sticks. Chase asks his granny: “Nanny, what do you think, you with a stick’s gonna stop it?” She replies, “Oh yes, I will!” Eventually, Nanny pauses in the midst of the hike and explains: “I really don’t know if I really like being out here in the woods with all these rattlers.” Savannah tries to convince Nanny but the latter is adamant. Chase even looks up on his phone and says that the area is infested with rattle snakes. Nanny Faye states:”Savannah, this is not really what I want to do in life. This sucks. This sucks so damn bad.” So Savannah goes deeper into the woods, Chase and Faye retreat.

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