Christian Bale Net Worth

How much is Christian Bale worth? $80 million

How did the Christian Bale earn his money and wealth?

This 1974 born English actor has been an outstanding addition to the gem of the actors in Hollywood. Christian inherits his amazing acting skills from his mother Jenny, who was a circus performer. Christian started his acting career in 1982, be being a part of a commercial advertisement. He did another commercial of Pac-Man cereal in 1983 and then entered into theatres with The Nerd on London’s West End with Rowan Atkinson. Christian Bale impressed Steven Spielberg, while he acted in ‘Empire of the Sun’ and effortlessly pulled off the role of a boy separated from his family during World War II. He bagged many movies offers and also performed brilliantly in each one of them. Movies such as ‘Machinist’ and ‘American Psycho’ tested his acting talents and he astounded the film fraternity by his extraordinary skills. Although he was paid only a generous amount for the movies, he received accolades for his acting in the same.

He has undergone major body transformations for his roles in various movies that include the psychological thriller, The Machinist (2004) and American Hustle (2013). His physical transformation was shocking as he dropped around 60 plus pounds for his role of being a lathe operator in ‘The Machinist’. His cult roles in these movies have gained him a lot more attention to his acting on a global level. This ability of him being able to transform himself mentally and physically in order to indulge in the character of the movie made him the perfect choice for Christopher Nolan’s trilogy series on Batman.

According to the reports, the most important movie of Christian Bale’s acting career has been ‘The Dark Knight’. His role of Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman brought him an astonishing acting fee of $10 million. The film was directed by legendary filmmaker Christopher Nolan and Bale shared screen space with late Australian actor, Heath Ledger who was cast as the iconic Joker. The movie received nods from the Academy Awards while Heath Ledger won an award in the supporting role that was honored to him posthumously.

Christian Bale also bagged a hefty amount of $8 million for his role in ’Terminator salvation’ as John Conner. Bale holds a net worth of $80 Million today.

Christian Bale has delivered some outstanding performances and been part of several movies from nearly all sort of movie genres. His movie includes Public Enemies, The Fighter, The Flowers of War, Equilibrium, The Dark Knight Rises, Out of the Furnace, Crazy Heart, American Hustle, and the Terrence Malik movie, Knight of Cups (2015) alongside Teresa Palmer and Frieda Pinto. All of these movies claimed him the title of being one of the most talented and versatile actors in the Hollywood.

What are the highest grossing movies of the Christian Bale?

  1. The Dark Knight (2008): $683,575,000
  2. The Dark Knight Rises (2012): $528,601,000
  3. Batman Begins (2005): $295,860,600
  4. American Hustle (2013): $170,936,300
  5. Terminator Salvation (2009): $154,217,200
  6. Shaft (2000): $119,790,100
  7. Public enemies (2009): $119,493,400
  8. The Fighter (2010): $108,543,200

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