10 Best Christian Slater Movies and TV Shows

Best known for portraying Elliot’s alter ego in ‘Mr. Robot’, Christian Slater is an actor who has seen a lot of ups and downs in his career. Coming from a family which was already indulged in the film-business, Slater started acting at the age of 8. He took small roles in some TV shows, appeared in commercials and was particularly active in theatre. Slowly and steadily, he has created a niche for himself in Hollywood. The length of his filmography attests to the fact that he hasn’t shied away from doing minor roles with big stars, in addition to being the face of the films that have gathered a dedicated cult following. Here is a look at the list of top 10 movies and TV shows of Christian Slater:


10. The Contender (2000)

Loosely fabricated around the Lewinsky Scandal involving US President Bill Clinton, Slater played the role of Reginald Webster, a Judiciary Committee member, in this political drama. US President Jackson Evans has to select a new Vice President. While most of the senators are titled towards the election of Virginia Governor Jack Hathaway, Evans decides to bring a change and decides to elect Laine Hanson, played by Joan Allen. However, things are not too easy and Evans faces opposition from other senators like Congressman Sheldon Runyon, played by Gary Oldman, who is backed by Slater’s Webster.


9. Breaking In (2011-2012)

Before Christian Slater was the cyber genius in ‘Mr. Robot’, he was Ferris “Oz” Oswald Osbourne in ‘Breaking In’. Oz hires a team of geniuses and hackers to pull-together a security firm. The trick of his trade is that his hackers first break through the security structure of their clients. This leaves the client vulnerable and open to attack. And then, like a savior, the firm barges in to save the day. When Cameron, a rookie computer hacker, joins the team, he struggles with the ethics and the modus operandi of the team.


8. The Forgotten (2009-2010)

Alex Donovan is a part of the Network that follows the investigation of John and Jane Does’, to find out who they were with the little evidence that remains from the police investigation. The team is filled with people who have their personal experiences that push them to join the team. The story is shown from the point of view of the dead John/Jane Doe who follows the team as they try to crack the code. The show didn’t last longer than two seasons but had a lot of potential with an interesting premise and compelling storylines.


7. Julian Po (1997)

A depressed man (played by Christian Slater) moves to a sleepy, forlorn town where he decides to commit suicide. When the townspeople learn of his plans, they are thrilled because nothing exciting ever happens in the town. The man becomes a minor celebrity, with all the attention and perks directed towards him. Misunderstanding the love of the people, the man decides that life is worth living, after all. But the people don’t take his decision well and concoct plans to get him to follow through with his original plan.


6. True Romance (1993)

Written by Quentin Tarantino, ‘True Romance’ is another film that was critically acclaimed but couldn’t cash at the box-office. Starring alongside an ensemble cast of actors such as Christopher Walken, Brad Pitt, and the great Gary Oldman, Slater played the role of an Elvis fan, Clarence Worley. He falls in love with Alabama, a prostitute and kills his pimp. This sets a chain reaction that throws Clarence and Alabama in the middle of the turmoil between dangerous drug-lords and the police. The film is hailed as one of the best films and has gained a strong cult-following, over time.

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