All Upcoming Christina Hendricks Movies and TV Shows

What made Christina Hendricks one of the most sought after women in the world, both in terms of glamour and talent? Ever since she appeared as the high-spirited secretary, Joan Harris, who rose to the positions of partnering an advertising agency in the popular TV show ‘Mad Men,’ she has been wooing the viewers and critics alike. But, “the sexiest woman in the world,” a tag often associated with the actor from the past, isn’t enough to justify her charming legacy.

At her early 40s, Hendricks still make fans eagerly waiting for her upcoming movies and people always keep an eye for the keyword, Christina Hendricks. At this point, the question that might be circling your mind is what is the next Christina Hendricks movie and TV show? Well, the good news is that we have a clear answer to that question. Here’s the list of upcoming Christina Hendricks films/TV shows scheduled to release in 2019 and 2020. We can only hope that the latest Christina Hendricks movies would be as good as some of her recent ones.

2. Tin Star (2017 – Present)


The second season of the successful 2017 TV series, Tin Star, showed the existing fans of the former another chapter of the fight for survival. In the 10-part second series, Tim Roth and Christina Hendricks return along with John Lynch, Romanian actress Anamaria Marinca and Canadian actress Jenessa Grant. The first season was packed with a lot of shots and smock when Roth went rough as an alcoholic, former London detective. The first series opened up with Roth moving to a small town in the Canadian Rockies with his wife, played by O’Reilly and daughter, Anna, played by Lawrie.

While serving as the police chief of the new place, Roth messes up with the oil company giant and the brawl ends in the death of his son. Roth had no other option except reincarnating his alter-ego, the fearless detective, in order to protect his wife and daughter. Hendricks plays the oil company’s head of public relations.

The second season kick-starts where the first left off. When Anna leaves home and her parents to seek refuge with a family in a religious community, the series has a striking start. But the God-fearing family of Pastor Johan, played by John Lynch, his wife Sarah, played by Anamaria Marinca, and their daughter Rosa, played Jenessa Grant have secrets to hide. Eventually, Anna decides to seek help from her once abandoned father.

1. Good Girls (2018 – Present)

Christina-Hendricks good girls

When three suburban mothers, Beth, played by Christina Hendricks, Ruby, played by Retta and Annie, played by Mae Whitman, taste crime when they rob a grocery store in the first season of Good Girls, it was an instant hit. The success of the trio tempted NBC to recall the ‘Good Girls’ for a second season, with the mothers turning into full-time money launderers!

According to producers, the second season is much darker and much bolder. The story revolves around the three main characters’ dilemma of staying or living the “notorious job,” dealing with the ramifications, reactions of the family members, and doubts about crossing the moral line of control. “The normal people messed up with an absurd situation,” formula carries forward with the second season. For Beth, Ruby and Annie, the happenings in the first season also help to understand both the external and internal worlds. They have changed and it is evident in everything from attitudes, relationships and decisions in the second season.

Reports also suggest that the second season will also have a bonus episode in which the three women meet as kids and start their eventful journey of friendship. The episodes dig deep into their persona as women to show them as original and humane as possible. By the end of the second season, the makers want the followers to realize from where the protagonists came and how rough things can be for women like them. When these ordinary and often neglected women embark on a mission to take control of their lives, the viewers can feel the heat every week.

After delivering some stunning performances like the con artist and thief in ‘Firefly,’ a secret mistress in ‘Another Period,’ and a troubled actress in ‘The Romanoffs,’ Hendricks is all set to let her wild side loose with ‘Good Girls 2.’ While the societal and financial pressure inflicted upon women forcing them into crime was the central theme in season one, the second installment has them dealing with the predicament in their own way. As the consequences of their actions are to escalate in season two, ‘Good Girl’ fans can expect more action and adventure.

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