Christopher Darden Net Worth

How much is Christopher Darden worth? $2 Million

How did Christopher earn his money and wealth?

Christopher Allen Darden, popularly known as “Chris” was born in Richmond, California (the United States) on April 7, 1956. Chris is an American lawyer, author, actor, lecturer, and practicing attorney. In 1974, after graduating from John F. Kennedy High School, Darden enrolled at San Jose State University, where he participated in track field, joined Alpha Phi Alpha (an African-American fraternity). Soon he was dissatisfied working for the National Labor Relations Board in Los Angeles and decided to apply in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office where he was initially assigned to the Huntington Park office before moving on to Beverly Hills.

He managed to secure the position of a prosecutor at the CCB and worked in the central trials and hard-core gang units initially. He was transferred to the SID (Special Investigation Division) eventually. Darden first met Johnnie Cochran, who investigated criminal activities of the public and law enforcement officials in the year 1988 and presented the victims of alleged police violence. Initially, Darden got involved in the O. J. Simpson murder case after asking the case details to Marcia Clark, but he was not able to complete it victoriously due to lack of evidence to prove criminal intent. Darden resigned soon after the O. J. Simpson case and joined the faculty at the United States (Los Angeles) and taught undergraduate criminal law, in the same year he was appointed as an Associate Professor of Law at Southwestern University School of Law(Bullocks Wilshire building, an art deco National Register of Historic Places landmark) where he taught and specialized in criminal procedure and trial advocacy.

He became a former legal commentator for CNBC, CNN, Court TV and NBC. He was the most frequent guest on the opulent(Popular) television shows namely The Howard Stern and The Tonight. In addition to the Contempt, Darden was also a writer where he had chronicles experiences with the O. J. Simpson trial and wrote novels on LA justice and The Last Defense(2000-2002). In the year 1996, he appeared on front page of Newsweek, which addressed his involvement and prosecution of O. J. Simpson with an article “My Case against O. J. Simpson” and became the former principal attorney in the syndicated legal show “Power of Attorney”.

In the year 2007, Darden started his own firm and left the law school where he was considered for elevation to a judgeship by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and in an interview by Oprah Winfrey, he stated that he believed in Simpson’s guilt on a criminal record. Darden was nearly as disgusted with Perjury(International act of swearing a false Oath) of Mark Fuhrman(Los Angeles police department) as by the murder of Goldman and was accused by Simpson’s defense lawyer Johnnie Cochran of “Manipulating one of the infamous gloves”.

On August 31, 1997, Darden married to a TV executive Marcia Carter and had five children(Two sons and three daughters). The rumors of a sexual relationship between Marcia Clark and Darden was spread all across the United States where both had denied of having such a relationship and in the year 1996, he revealed he had Republican and stated he would disclose his party choice at “Republican National Convention” on law-related frequent commentator television shows.

What are the honors and awards received by Christopher Darden?

  1.  Crystal Heart Award in the year 1998.
  2. “Humanitarian of the Year” by Eli Horne in the year 2000.

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