Chumlee Net Worth

How much is Chumlee worth $5 million

How did Chumlee earn his money and wealth?

Chumlee, born Austin Lee Russell on September 8, 1982, is an American businessman and television personality, who became famous with the reality show “Pawn Stars”. He got his nickname when he was twelve years old and his friend’s father thought he looked like the walrus Chumley of the show “Tennessee Tuxedo”. When he was younger he was friends with Corey Harrison, whose father and grandfather owned the pawn shop that led to him being featured on the show.

When he was twenty-one years old he started working at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, where he worked for five years before the first season of the reality show “Pawn Stars” featured on the History channel in July 2009. His main work in the shop includes behind-the-counter work, such as testing items, loading items, and writing tickets for items purchased by customers.

He is regarded as the funny element of the show and made a joke of because he is considered to be intelligent and incompetent and is often referred to as the “Village Idiot”.

He has always rebutted this view of himself by saying that he is grossly underestimated, and says that he has expertise in pinball machines, which has led him to take important purchase decisions for the show.

Despite all that, he is the most successful character on the show and is a fan favorite. After the show’s success, Chumlee opened his own company for selling items like his own designed t-shirts and managing his personal appearances. In 2010 he sold a share of his company to Rick Harrison for $155,000; it could handle orders of his merchandise more efficiently. His merchandise has surpassed other stars of the show.

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