Chupa 2: Will There be a Sequel?

Based on the legend of Chupacabra, Netflix’s ‘Chupa’ is an adventure film directed by Jonás Cuarón. It is written by Marcus Rinehart, Sean Kennedy Moore, and Joe Barnathan and takes place in a small Mexican town during the 1990s. The movie follows Alex, a young boy dealing with his father’s death, who spends a weekend with his extended family in Mexico. However, Alex and his family embark on an adventure after discovering a mysterious creature. If you enjoyed the movie’s exciting blend of friendship, family, adventure, and culture, you must be wondering if a follow-up installment will continue the story. In that case, allow us to share everything we know about the possibility of ‘Chupa 2.’

Will There Be a Chupa 2?

‘Chupa’ was released on April 7, 2023, on Netflix. The film was released in select theaters on March 31, 2023, before its digital debut. It has a running time of 95 minutes and is available on the streaming service in several languages, such as English and Spanish. The film has received generally positive reviews from critics who praised its subversion of the creature horror genre, family themes, and inclusion of Mexican culture. However, it drew criticism for its underdeveloped characters and lack of emotional development in their relationships.

At present, neither the makers nor Netflix has announced any official plans for a follow-up installment. Moreover, the movie’s conclusion delivers a satisfying, close-ended resolution to the central conflict. It ends without giving any hints or creating a setup for a second installment. Hence, it is safe to assume that there are currently no plans for a sequel to the move. However, if the movie proves to be successful with audiences, especially young children, a second installment could be in the cards.

Nonetheless, the chances of a sequel materializing will depend upon the first movie’s audience reception. If the film exceeds Netflix’s viewership expectations, a sequel could be greenlit in the coming months. However, it will likely take some time before work can commence on the follow-up installment. Director Jonás Cuarón, who helmed the first installment, is currently working on the superhero film ‘El Muerto’ slated for a 2024 release. Hence, if a sequel is announced, it will only start production after Cuarón is free from his prior commitment.

While the potential sequel could go ahead without Cuarón’s involvement, assuming no story is written for the sequel, it will take a while before the makers can settle on a good story and develop a compelling screenplay. All things said we can expect the second installment to start sometime in 2024. Hence, a prospective ‘Chupa 2’ could release sometime in Q2 of 2025 at the earliest. However, since the makers haven’t hinted at the possibility of a sequel, viewers should not get their hopes high.

‘Chupa’ stars Evan Whitten (‘Big Sky’) as Alex, Christian Slater (‘Mr. Robot‘) as Quinn, and Demián Bichir (‘Let the Right One In‘) as Chava. Ashley Ciarra and Nickolas Verdugo appear as Alex’s cousins, Luna and Memo, while dog Harper serves as the physical double of Chupa. For the sequel, we expect most of the main cast to reprise their respective roles.

The second installment will likely occur a few years after the first movie. During the final moments of ‘Chupa,’ we see Alex reuniting with Chupa as the friends bid farewell to each other. However, the fate of Quinn, the scientist searching for the Chupacabras and trying to obtain their blood, is left unclear. Hence, Quinn could return to torment the Chupacabras and try to capture them. As a result, Alex, Luna, and Memo will have to team up to save the day once more.

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