Clarice Episode 12: What to Expect?

In ‘Clarice’ episode 11 that aired this week, our titular protagonist wants to stop the Alastor merger from getting through. Julia dives into the depths of this complex murder mystery, only to be compromising her own safety in the process. Although Hudlin is the prime suspect, Clarice changes her mind by the end of the episode. To know more about what transpires in episode 11, you can go to the recap section. If you’re looking for details about the upcoming episode, here’s everything we expect from ‘Clarice’ episode 12!

Clarice Episode 12 Release Date

‘Clarice’ episode 12 will land on June 17, 2021, at 10 pm ET on CBS. The show generally drops new episodes every Thursday, and each one has a runtime of around 45 minutes.

Where to Watch Clarice Episode 12 Online?

Fans of the crime drama can watch the upcoming episode 12 by tuning in to CBS at the timeslot mentioned above. In case you skip the original broadcast, you can watch it later on CBS’ official website. Live-streaming options are also available on platforms like DirecTVFubo TV, and YouTube TV. If you have a subscription to Paramount+, you can check out the latest episodes on the streamer. Others can buy/rent the episodes on VOD services such as iTunesApple TV, and Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime users can subscribe to the Paramount+ package and watch the show there.

Clarice Episode 12 Spoilers

The next episode of ‘Clarice’ is titled ‘Father Time.’ In the episode, Clarice and the team will vehemently try to expose Alastor Pharmaceuticals after they receive permission to do so. However, a tiff with an FBI agent will prompt her to punch him with reckless fury and rage. This might result in a suspension, and as far as the synopsis goes, she will turn in her badge and gun. Meanwhile, her colleagues will uncover the entire mystery of the River Murders. For a sneak-peek into the next episode, you can watch the promo here!

Clarice Episode 11 Recap

In the latest episode of ‘Clarice’ titled ‘Achilles Heal,’ Herman invites Ardelia for the latest update on her discrimination lawsuit and is surprisingly civil with her. Clarice tries to wrap her head around the Alastor merger, which is about to wipe out necessary evidence once it commences. Julia informs her that they don’t have much time to stop it. Attorney-General Martin learns that the investigation was never discarded by ViCAP.

Meanwhile, Tyson reveals that Hudlin has been disrupting his father’s well-being by pushing his limits. Clarice receives bad news about Alastor’s R&D wing permanently closing, which prompts her to go to Hudlin, along with Esquivel and Tripathi. She talks about the merger and resolves to sue him just when Nils Hagen, Alastor’s president, proposes a meetup. Julia defies the ViCAP’s orders and continues to sneak around until she finds the smoking-gun Reprisol records and informs ViCAP about the same.

She is caught by a guard later. Clarice fixates on Mike Diaz, the fake cop responsible for killing Wellig with Hudlin. Julia is found by Diaz, but the ViCAP forces Hudlin to let her off the hook. Clarice suspects that it is Hagen who is actually guilty of the murders. Furthermore, Haynes has received a promotion call which he isn’t keen on taking. Tyson is still distrustful of Clarice, and Hagen is just a step away from exposing Catherine in case Ruth hasn’t still given up on the investigation.

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