The Claus Family 3 Release Date, Cast and Plot Details

Helmed by Ruben Vandenborre, Flemish-original festive-themed family fantasy drama ‘The Claus Family 2’ (‘De Familie Claus 2′) is a feel-good journey chronicling themes of family and friendship. The story follows Jules Claus as he embarks upon a journey to find his new acquaintance, Marie, her perfect Christmas present – her parents’ reunion.

The humdrum story transports Jules to a shopping mall owned by Marie’s father. In the end, the story comes off as well-rounded and a fascinating tale altogether. However, the tenor of the sequel hardly matches the original. Therefore, you may wonder if there is a possible sequel on the horizon. Well, let us find out.

The Claus Family 3 Release Date

‘The Claus Family 2’ premiered on December 7, 2021, on Netflix. Let us now get into the development of the sequel.

Although nothing’s official yet, we can expect the fan-favorite Christmas family to return to the streaming platform. The first two movies were received quite well in the media. Thus, Netflix will possibly want to monetize the fan base the budding movie franchise has garnered. Moreover, the streamer is paying close attention to its European content. The reason is a reform in legislation that mandates the platform to have at least 30 percent European content.

Therefore, we conjure that the third movie is undoubtedly a possibility. If the production follows the release window of the previous films, we expect ‘The Claus Family 3’ to premiere sometime in December 2022.

The Claus Family 3 Cast: Who Can be in it?

Although the specifics of the third part are yet to be officially divulged, we can assume a few key cast members to reprise their original roles. Mo Bakker will probably reprise the role of Jules Claus, the heir of the Claus family, alongside Jan Decleir as Noël Claus, the grandfather of Jules. Also possibly returning will be Bracha van Doesburgh (Suzanne, Jules’ mother), Eva van der Gucht (Gunna), Stefaan Degand (Holger), Josje Huisman (Ikka), Janne Desmet (Assa/Essa).

Among other cast members, we may see Rashif El Kaoui (Farid), Sien Eggers (Jet/Het), Pommelien Thijs (Ella), and Amber Metdepenningen (Noor/Norah), as all of them have appeared in both the movies. There will also be some fresh faces, but no concrete news has been spilled officially.

The Claus Family 3 Plot: What can it be about?

The first movie revolves around how Jules, Noor, and Suzanne cope with the loss of their father. Grumpy and sullen initially, Jules finds the rhythm and starts to like Christmas. He comes to know that he comes from a long line of Santa Claus, and the second movie sees Jules’s first Christmas handling the duties of Santa.

However, the story takes a southward turn as Jules receives an unusual request from a kid named Marie. Marie’s Christmas wish entails her divorced parents getting back together, and Jules embarks upon a personal quest to unite Marie’s parents. The ending brings the story full circle, and this time, Noel receives a lesson in empathy and love.

However, more of such yearly adventures remain in Santa’s bag. Although we do not know specific development details, there are already two movies in the can. And in the course of the story, Jules has come quite far. He has become more mature with the misadventures, and the next movie may make him face yet another challenging situation.

Like the two previous movies, the third installment will probably begin in a festive spirit. The story’s structure will possibly be the same – Jules and Noel put on a Christmas delivery spree with a skirmish in the middle. That dilemma will take up most of the story. Lastly, we hope to see more shenanigans of Santa’s army of fairies.

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