Claws Season 5: Renewed or Cancelled?

Created by Eliot Laurence, ‘Claws’ is a crime comedy-drama series about five manicurists at a salon in Florida as they switch to the world of organized crime. These women begin to launder money for a pain clinic, and with time, evolve into a fully-functional criminal empire. The aesthetically pleasing and compelling show first premiered on June 11, 2017, and has spawned a total of four entertaining seasons.

Besides strong performances by the cast members, the series is lauded because of its spectacular visuals and engaging pace. For some viewers, it is also uplifting because of its feminist tropes, which challenge the laws of the underworld that is usually dominated by men. This refreshing take on a crime-based show, reminiscent of ‘Good Girls,’ is what draws in fans. So, if you’re eager to know if another season is coming out anytime soon, we’d like to update you with everything we know!

Claws Season 5 Release Date

‘Claws’ season 4 released on December 19, 2021, on TNT and concluded on February 6, 2022. The fourth season has ten episodes which run for approximately 60 minutes.

With regards to the show’s future, here is all that we know. Unfortunately, season 4 stands as the final season of the series. In October 2019, while announcing the renewal of the show for its fourth season, Brett Weitz, the General Manager for TNT, TBS, & truTV stated, “For the past three seasons, Claws has handled delicate and culturally relevant themes like race, class, gender, age and sexual orientation with grace and humor via superb storytelling. Fans cherish the over-the-top Clawsian moments that have defined its run, and we will do them justice as we wrap up the tale of Desna and her crew.”

In May 2021, Weitz further revealed, “The Claws ending is fulfilling as an ending of a series as you could want. It’s exactly what Desna and her band would want you to see – a little bit of crazy, a lot of fun, and the exhilarating ending to a great series run.” Well, they delivered; season 4 does wrap up the story arcs of the characters really well and ends on a conclusive note.

If you’re wondering why the network has decided to pull the plug on it, there might be multiple reasons behind this predicament. A major reason could be the dip in its viewership ratings. Throughout its four-season run, we have witnessed a gradual drop in its percentage of viewers. Unlike the first two editions, the third and fourth ones didn’t perform well. Season 4 reportedly averaged a 0.11 rating within the 18-49 demographic and 419,000 viewers. If we compare it to its predecessor, there is a 63% decrease in the demo coupled with a 49% dip in viewership in the live+same day ratings.

In addition, the filming for season 4 also experienced a few challenges due to the pandemic. The production was halted in March 2020 due to the pandemic-related restrictions until it was resumed in November 2020. However, it faced further suspension for a few weeks due to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. Following that, the filming took place under strict lockdown restrictions along with other safety measures, which must have entailed a wider budget and more labor.

Coupled with its failure in retaining a decent viewership, production issues might also be a reason why the creators did not want to continue making more episodes. As of now, ‘Claws’ season 5 stands officially canceled. Considering the popularity of gender non-conformity and feminism in recent TV shows and movies, there is a fair chance it might return as a spin-off or extend into another show. In addition, a bunch of streaming platforms lately are trying to widen their video library by taking up bold shows.

Netflix is popularly known to do so by taking up beloved shows that get canceled by their home networks due to many reasons. Hence, we cannot entirely rule out all our hopes of witnessing another season or more content related to the show. It might just get picked up by Netflix or any other interested distributor, provided the creators decide to come up with more content. Till then, you might continue rewatching older episodes of the show!

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