Coffee Prince Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

‘Coffee Prince’ is a South Korean television drama that is based on the best-selling novel by Lee Sun-mi, ‘The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince’. Directed by Lee Yoon-Jung, it follows the unconventional romance between a woman pretending to be a man and the young, somewhat irresponsible owner of a huge food empire. The series aired on MBC in 2007 and proved to be a massive hit — both on the national and international platforms.

Coffee Prince Cast: Who’s in it?

Yoon Eun-Hye (‘Lie to Me’, ‘Missing You’) stars as Go Eun-chan, a vibrant, bubbly girl, who loves food. She does several jobs in order to help her family. She resembles a tomboy, with her short haircut, baggy clothes, and flat chest. Most of the time, people mistake Eun-chan for a boy.

Gong Yoo (‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’, ‘Silenced’, ‘Train to Busan‘, ‘The Age of Shadows’) plays Choi Han-kyul, the privileged grandson of Bang, chairwoman of Dongin Foods — a leading coffee venture in South Korea. Brilliant and ambitious, he does not like being tied up to one job.

Lee Sun-Kyun (‘My Mister’, ‘Prosecutor Civil War’) is Choi Han-sung, Han-kyul’s cousin and a gifted music producer. He is in a complicated relationship with Yoo-Joo and yet starts developing feelings for Eun-chan.

Chae Jung-an (‘Suits’, ‘Legal High’) stars as Han Yoo-Joo, Han-kyul’s first love, and Han-sung’s former girlfriend. A skilled artist, she breaks up with Han-sung and leaves for New York with another man. Her return to Korea complicates the current situation even more.

Joining the lead cast in supporting roles are Lee Eon as Hwang Min-yeop, Kim Dong-Wook as Jin Ha-rim, Kim Jae-Wook as Noh Sun-ki, Kim Chang-wan as Hong Gae-shik, Kim Young-ok as Bang (Han-kyul and Han-sung’s grandmother), Kim Ja-ok as Han-kyul’s mother, Choi Il-Hwa as Han-kyul’s father, Han Ye-in as Go Eun-sae, Park Won-sook as Eun-chan’s mother, Lee Han-wi as Mr. Ku, Kim Jung-min as DK, Ban Hye-ra as Yoo-Joo’s mother, Choi Eun-Seo as a girl who wishes to learn the art of waffle-making, Nam Myung-ryul as Han-kyul’s real father, and Han Da-min as Han Byul.

Coffee Prince Plot: What is it about?

‘Coffee Prince’ introduces us to Choi Han-Kyul, grandson of the stern and powerful Bang, Dong-in Foods’ chairperson. Although she owns a thriving coffee business, she warns Han-Kyul that unless he learns to be responsible, he won’t be allowed to run the company. On the other hand, Han-Kyul jumps from one job to another, is highly irresponsible and does not care about the venture. He is still not over his first love, Han Yoo-Joo as the latter sees him only as a friend. Next, we meet Go Eun-chan, a tomboyish, cheerful girl, often mistaken to be a boy because of her appearance and attire. She lost her father when she was just 16 years old and takes entire responsibility of running her family. One day, Han-kyul meets Eun-chan and gives her a job, under the pretext that he is his gay lover. He does this in order to avoid the multiple blind dates arranged by his grandmother.

When Bang gives Han-Kyul the final ultimatum, he purchases a dilapidated, old coffee shop and plans to rebrand it, wanting to prove that he is responsible. He renames the shop to Coffee Prince and sticks to hiring only good-looking male employees, so as to attract female customers. Eun-chan does not disclose her gender because she is desperate to keep the job.

Gradually, Eun-chan starts developing feelings for Han-kyul. Strangely, Han-Kyul reciprocates and since he is yet unaware of Eun-chan’s true gender, he begins questioning his sexuality. Later, Han-kyul discovers that Eun-chan is actually a woman. He does get furious in the beginning but eventually accepts and starts a relationship. After a few days, Eun-chan leaves for Italy to study and Han-Kyul lends her his full support.

Coffee Prince Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Coffee Prince’ season 1 premiered on MBC on July 2, 2007. After spanning 17, 60-minute episodes, it wrapped up on August 28, 2007. It aired every Monday and Tuesday at 21:55 (KST) during its complete run. The series, after its release, proved to be a massive hit, releasing worldwide in Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, India, the Middle East, and Chile. It was even made into remakes in Thailand, China, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Now, as far as season 2 from this multiple-award-winning, hit K-drama is concerned, you should know that way back in 2007, after the release of its finale, MBC was already considering the development of a sequel. However, Gong Yoo, during that time, was set to be enlisted for his military enrollment. Hence, the creators didn’t want to go ahead with a renewal, with one of the protagonists being absent. Now, that both Yoon Eun-Hye and Gong Yoo are doing great in their careers, maybe, the makers will decide to bring back the duo again on the small screen. So, all things considered, ‘Coffee Prince’ season 2 could still happen, even though the chances are very slim.

Coffee Prince Trailer:

There’s no official trailer available for the show, but you can visit MBC’s YouTube page to catch episodes of ‘Coffee Prince’.

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