Cold Justice Season 6: Everything We Know

One of the longest-running, unscripted, true-crime series, Cold Justice is a crime show about unsolved cases. The series currently airs on Oxygen and is produced by Dick Wolf, Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz, and Tom Thayer.  The show previously aired on TNT, but from the fourth season onwards, it was acquired by Oxygen. The show, after spanning five seasons, was renewed for another season.

Cold Justice Season 6 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Cold Justice Season 5 premiered on August 4, 2018, on Oxygen. Each episode featured a runtime of 60 minutes and aired on a weekly basis at the same time slot. After two months of continuous run, the show took a hiatus and then returned for Season 5 Part 2 on February 16, 2019. After airing for a total 18 episodes, it wrapped up on April 6, 2019.

Within a couple of months after season 5’s finale, the show was renewed for another season. Cold Justice season 6 will premiere on March 14, 2020, only on Oxygen.

Cold Justice Cast: Who is in it?

Cold Justice follows Kelly Siegler — former Harris County, Texas prosecutor — as she reopens old unsolved cases and tries to track down the offenders. Siegler had worked in the District Attorney’s office for 21 years, where she handled some of the toughest cases and criminals. She has tried almost 200 jury trials and fought against some of the most formidable and respected criminal defense attorneys in the state. Siegler’s repertoire of cases includes twenty capital murder death penalty cases — where she was successful in securing the death penalty in nineteen of those trials.

Accompanying this fierce advocate is veteran crime scene investigator Yolanda McClary. She has worked in over 7000 crime scenes and she was the inspiration behind Marg Helgenberger’s character on the TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Adding to their team are expert homicide investigators Johnny Bonds, Steve Spingola, Aaron Sam, Tonya Rider, and others.

In season 6, it has already been confirmed that Siegler will return to reprise her original role.

What is Cold Justice about?

Cold Justice, as the name suggests, deals with cold cases that are reopened by the team after getting the required permissions from the local authorities. The general procedure involves Siegler receiving emails from family members or close ones of a certain victim. They were not satisfied with the former investigation procedure of the incident and hence, want the team’s help. The other approach involves the show’s producers reaching out to law enforcement agencies about unsolved crimes.

Viewers can also reach out to the producers through the Cold Justice tip line and inform them about any cold case that they want to get reviewed. In the form, they need to give their contact information and details about the victim, incident, and local law enforcement agency who is/was handling the case. Producers review the application and confirm with the local law enforcement agency about whether they are willing to cooperate. If yes, Siegler and her team step in and the case is featured on the show.

The innumerable cases featured on the show range from second-degree murders, supposed suicides, make-believe hit-and-run accidents to brutal rape-homicides, sexual assault, orchestrated drowning and electrocution deaths. According to reports as of April 2018, the team has been successful in generating arrests and 18 convictions. Apart from this they also generated four confessions, three guilty pleas, and three murder convictions.

In a very interesting episode in one of the seasons, the show follows Siegler and Rider as they travel to Carbon County, Wyoming — where they are called to investigate the unsolved cases of two murders. Thora and Debra had been murdered within a gap of 13 years. But both the deaths were connected by some strange, mysterious coincidences. Further investigation reveals yet another shocking truth. There was a third murder, committed in a similar manner like that of Thora’s. The team now digs further and tries to find out if these three incidents were due to an accidental drug overdose, suicide, or murder.

Cold Justice has generally gained positive reviews from critics and wide acceptance from its viewers. Some of the elements that make this show so interesting are the suspects and the extent to which they lie to evade the truth, the horrible brutality of the crimes, and the twists in the legal system. Each of these aspects provides enough drama for the viewer to keep watching in order to know how the case will finally unravel.

The procedural drama has also received its share of setbacks when the team was sued by an acquitted murder suspect featured on one of the episodes — on account of civil rights violations, negligence, and intentional torts. Eventually, it was canceled after the 3rd season on TNT. However, Oxygen picked it up from the 4th season.

Owing to the popularity of the show, Cold Justice also released a spin-off, Cold Justice: Sex Crimes in 2015 — which features unsolved sex crimes. The cast in this show comprises prosecutors Casey Garrett and Alicia O’Neill — who travel around the United States to help local law enforcement officers solve old, cold cases.

Some of the cases explored in season 6 include Kelly Siegler and her team working with the Fort Myers Police Department on the 2016 murder of Heyzel Obando, visiting Lawrence County, Missouri, to solve the 1988 murder of Cindi Smith; and reaching the Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office to dive into the 2012 disappearance of Brian Shookman. The season features many such interesting cases and has helped in executing five arrests in real time.

Cold Justice Trailer:

You can check out the official series trailer of the show below.

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